ECON 351 - Introductory Econometrics

Introductory Econometrics

Queen's University Department of Economics

Instructor:  Maggie Jones

Email: jonesm [at]

Location:  Jeffrey, Room 126

Times: Mondays @ 4-5:30pm, Wednesdays @ 2:30-4pm

Office Hours: Wednesdays @ 4-5:30pm, Thursdays @ 8:30-10am (Dunning 345)

TA: Sergei Shibaev

Email: shibaevs [at] 

Office Hours: Tuesday @ 2:30-3:30pm (MAC 425, starting the week of Sept. 26th)

TA: Justin Quinton


Office Hours: Monday @ 1-2pm (MAC 425, starting the week of Sept. 26th)



Course Syllabus

The course syllabus can be found here


Course Description

This course introduces students to regression methods for analyzing data in economics and related fields.  We will cover techniques for estimating regression models as well as problems that arise in estimating such models related to inference, specification, and interpretation.The majority of the course will be spent developing the theory for the ordinary least squares estimator; extensions will include panel data methods and difference-in-difference.  The goal of the course is to teach the basics of the theory and practice of econometrics as well as provide exposure to estimating econometric models with actual data.  Students will be expected to draw on material covered in ECON 250,  and the appropriate mathematics prerequisites in the course catalogue.


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Due September 30th:

[Assignment 1] []

[Assignment 1 Solutions] [] []

-A1 correction (Sept 22): part 1e) should refer to Pr(2.3<= X <= 3.3) 

Due October 14th: 

[Assignment 2] [] [MEAP93.dta]

[Assignment 2 Solutions] [] [] []

-A2 looks long.  In some ways it is, but primarily it looks so long because several pages are instructions for downloading the IPUMS data

-correction, "standard error of the regression" in part 1, b, vii, should read "sigma hat" not "sigma hat squared"

Due November 4th: 

[Assignment 3] []

[Assignment 3 Solutions] []

Due November 22nd: 

[Assignment 4] [] [Fyer, QJE, 2011]

[Assignment 4 Solutions] [] []

-correction, 2d should read "Regress 'wage and salary income' on your dummy variables for having a high school degree, and having a post-secondary degree.''

-clarification: when I say "post-secondary degree" in q2, I am referring to "some post-secondary" (the way the dummy variable is defined, this could mean a college degree, a few years of college, a bachelor's degree, a few years of bachelor, a master's degree, etc).

Due December 5th - you may hand this assignment in early if you wish: 

[Assignment 5] [RENTAL.dta] [A5.dta] [codes.pdf]

[Assignment 5 Solutions] [Ch13_Q5_solution] []


Course Materials 

I will post all the lecture slides and additional readings in this section.  Recall that if you are downloading a journal article from off-campus you must connect from off-campus:

1.  Intro to the course and review of math and stats (September 12th-21st)

-Readings: Wooldridge Chapter 1, Appendices A (on your own), B and C

-Intro Slides

-Appendix B Slides

-Appendix C Slides

-Do-files for tutorial: [] [] []

-Data files for tutorial: [southamerica.dta] [southamerica.csv]

2.  Basics of Ordinary Least Squares (September 26th-October 17th)

-Readings: Wooldridge Chapters 2&3 

-Chapter 2 Slides

-Chapter 3 Slides

-Data file for class exercise: [panel_conflict_violence_DANE.dta] [migration_wage_example.dta]

-In-class OLS calculation in excel: [OLS_in_class_example.xls

-In-class additional slides from October 12th: [Oct12_slides.pdf

-Midterm Review on October 17th, 8-9:30pm in Dunning 14 - see course news for textbook problems

3.  Exam (October 19th) [midterm_solutions]

4.  Inference in Ordinary Lease Squares (October 24th)

-Readings (Wooldridge Chapter 4)

-Chapter 4 Slides

-Table from AJR2001

5.  Issues in Ordinary Least Squares (October 26th-November 21st)

-Readings: Wooldridge Chapters 5-8

-Chapter 5 Slides

-Interaction and Dummy Variable Slides (Part of chapter 6 and most of chapter 7)

-Program Evaluation, Binary Dependent Variable, Misc. Slides (Part of chapter 7, section 13.2, and most of chapter 6)

-In class example related to A4: []

6.  Advanced Topics in Econometrics (November 23rd-30th)

-Readings: Wooldridge Chapter 13

7.  Final Exam Info




Below is a list of PhD students who have offered to tutor for ECON 351.  If you are interested in receiving tutoring for the class please contact them as soon as possible to make tutoring arrangements.

Kevin Andrew: kevin.andrew [at] 

Nhial Kuch:  kuchn [at]

Blair Long:  longb [at] 

David Rosé:  rosed [at]


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