Congratulations Daniel Lam

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Wed, 2018/01/10 (All day)
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The Scarthingmoor Prize is awarded each year to the best MA essay.   We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2016-2017 Scarthingmoor Prize in Economics is:   Daniel Lam, “ MONETARY-FISCAL REGIMES AND CANADA’S MULTIPLIER EFFECT” (Currently working Conference Board of Canada ).

Abstract: “I investigate the effects of debt-financed government on the Canadian economy using a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model with Bayesian estimated parameters that are inferred from four macroeconomic time series. The focus of the analysis is on the differences in fiscal multipliers produced under two distinct monetary-fiscal policy regimes, before-and-after the Great Recession. To maximize the multiplier effects of Canadian government investments, my findings recommend a combination of moderate inflation-stabilizing monetary policy and lenient debt-stabilizing fiscal policy.”

Please join in congratulating Daniel and his respective supervisor, Thor Koeppl.  We would like to thank the committee, consisting of Allan Gregory (chair), Marie-Louise Viero and Amy Sun for their work in choosing a winner among many fine submissions.