Detailed Organization Chart

Head of the Department: H. Lloyd-Ellis
Associate Head: A. Head
Department Administrator: M. Lavoie
Head's Administrative Assistant: S. Sullivan
 Computing Systems Specialist: M. Babcock
Career Facilitator and Alumni Coordinator: J. Dennie
Administrative Secretary: J. Hodgson
Administrative Secretary: E. Posthumus




Undergraduate Chair: I. Keay
Assistant: J. Ball
Advisors: I. Keay, J. Ball
Thesis Coordinator: I. Keay
Undergraduate Studies Committee:
    I. Keay
    I. Cromb
    H. Lloyd-Ellis
    G. Smith
    J. Ball (Assistant)
    DSC Executive: TBA
Econ. 110 Coordinator: I. Cromb
Econ. 212 Coordinator: A. Stewart
Econ. 222 Coordinator: H. Lloyd-Ellis (FT), M. Kennedy (WT)
Econ. 255 Coordinator: J. Zabojnik


MA & PhD Programs
Graduate Coordinator: S. Majumdar
Assistant: D. Wallace / L. Scholle-Cotton
Graduate Admissions: A. Gregory, R. Ware
Graduate Studies Committee:
    S. Majumdar
    A. Head
    H. Lloyd-Ellis
    J. Zabojnik
    D. Wallace / L. Scholle-Cotton (Assistant)
    Grad. Student Executive: TBA
PhD Thesis Seminar: C. Cotton (FT), T. Jaworski (WT), B. Lapham
Grad. Placement (MA): F. Milne
Grad. Placement (PhD): B. Lapham
Career Resource Assistant: J. Dennie
Graduate Fellowships Committee:
    J. Hartwick, B. Lapham
Risk Policy and Regulation Diploma (RPRD)
RPRD Director: F. Milne
RPRD Associate Director: D. Longworth
RPRD Program Assistant: A. Burnett

Department, Faculty & University (Committees & Contacts)

QED Appointments Committee:   
    A. Head (Chair)
    B. Abbott
    R. Clark
    H. Lloyd-Ellis
    H. Sun
    S. Sullivan (Admin)
QED Fundraising Committee:
    J. MacKinnon (Chair)
    H. Lloyd-Ellis
    F. Milne
    A. Head
    J. Dennie
QED Library Representative: F. Lewis
QED Renewal, Tenure & Promotion Committee:
    A. Gregory (Chair)
    G. Smith
    R. Ware
    S. Sullivan (Admin)
SPS Renewal, Tenure & Promotion Committee:
    C. Ferrall
    D. Garvie
QED (QUFA) Representative: A. Hageman
QED Research Services: M. Lavoie
 QED Visitors Committee:
    T. Koeppl (Chair)
    T. Jaworski
    B. Abbott
QED Working Paper Series & Reading Room: E. Posthumus
QED Workshops:
    Economic History: F. Lewis, T. Jaworski
    Macro: A. Head, H. Lloyd-Ellis
    Micro: C. Cotton, J. Zabojnik (FT)
    Quantitative: B. Abbott, J. MacKinnon
John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy
    Director: C. Cotton
    Administrative Assistant: S. Sullivan
John Deutsch International Executive Program
    Program Director: G. Jenkins
    Program Manager: B. Kashi
Faculty of Arts & Science (A&S)
    A&S Committee of Departments: H. Lloyd-Ellis
    A&S Faculty Board: I. Keay
    A&S Faculty Board, Staff Representative: J. Ball
    A&S Faculty Board, Student Representative: TBA

Board of Trustees Pension Committee: J. MacKinnon




Note: Department members also serve on other faculty, university and ad hoc committees.
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