Under Submission

The Emergence and Future of Central Counterparties (joint with Cyril Monnet)

The Limits of Central Counterparty Clearing: Collusive Moral Hazard and Market Liquidity

Credit Ratings and Market Stability -- The Role of Market Structure and Disincentives to Acquire Information (joint of Jonathan Chiu) (Additional Material)

The Economics of Cryptocurrencies -- Bitcoin and Beyond (joint with Jonathan Chiu)

Blockchain-based Settlement for Asset Trading (joint with Jonathan Chiu)


Work in Progress

Customized vs. Standardized Contracts -- What can be centrally cleared? (joint with Cyril Monnet)



Trading Dynamics with Adverse Selection and Search: Market Freeze, Intervention and Recovery (joint with Jonathan Chiu), Review of Economic Studies, 83, pp. 969-1000. (Additional Material)

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Differentiability of the Efficient Frontier when Commitment to Risk Sharing is Limited, Topics in Macroeconomics, 6, Article 10.


Other Papers

Solvency Regulation for Insurance against Large (Aggregate) Risk (joint with Jim MacGee and Antoine Martin)

Optimal Collateral Policies for Central Counterparties (joint with Cyril Monnet)

A Note on Incentive Feasibility when Enforcement is a Decision Variable

On the Modigliani-Miller Theorem in Infinite Horizon Incomplete Markets Economies