Blair Long (supervised by Brant Abbot and Ian Keay) - Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - USA

Frédéric Tremblay (supervised by Chris Cotton) - Researcher - Limestone Analytics / Postdoctoral Fellow - Queen's University, QED - Canada

Jarone Gittens (supervised by Rob Clark) - Associate Economist - Analysis Group, Boston - USA

Meng Li (supervised by Huw Lloyd-Ellis) - Assistant Professor - Hunan University - China

Nhial Kuch (supervised by Rob Clark) - Economist - Canada Revenue Agency - Canada



Alper Arslan (Post-Doc) - Assistant Professor - University of Texas, San Antonio - USA

James McNeil (supervised by Gregor Smith) - Assistant Professor - Dalhousie University - Canada

Raphaelle Gauvin-Coulombe (supervised by Gregor Smith and Allan Gregory) - Assistant Professor - Middlebury College - USA

Saad Khan (supervised by Morton Nielsen and Ryan Riorden) - Assistant Professor - HEC, Montreal - Canada

Shaoteng Li (supervised by Rob Clark) - Assistant Professor - Jinan University, Institute for Economics & Social Research - China

Won-Ki Seo (Post-Doc) - Research Affiliate - University of Sydney - Australia



David Rosé (supervised by Taylor Jaworski) - Assistant Professor - Wilfred Laurier University, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics - Canada

Ken Chow (supervised by Ian Keay) - Economist - Bank of Canada - Canada

Lenin Arango-Castillo (supervised by Allan Gregory and Glen Takahara) - Bank of Mexico - Mexico

Sepideh Dolatabadi (supervised by Allen Head) - Econometrician - Capital Economics - Canada

Stephen Snudden (supervised by Gregor Smith) - Assistant Professor - Wilfred Laurier University - Canada



Andrea Craig (supervised by Huw Lloyd-Ellis, Taylor Jaworski, and Marie-Louise Viero) - Lecturer - University of Windsor - Canada

Antoine Djogbenou (Post-Doc) - Assistant Professor - York University - Canada

Jenny Watt (supervised by Rob Clark) - Analyst - Statistics Canada - Canada

Jonathan Lee (supervised by Jan Zabojnik) - Associate - The Brattle Group - Canada

Maggie Jones (supervised by Taylor Jaworski) - Assistant Professor - University of Victoria - Canada

Steven Kivinen (supervised by Marie-Louise Viero and Jim Bergin) - Assistant Professor - Higher School of Economics - Russia



Alex McLeod (supervised by Allen Head and Chris Cotton) - Economist - Office of Economic & Demographic Research - USA

Jason Rhinelander (supervised by Jim Bergin) - St. Thomas University - Canada

Jeffrey Penney (supervised by Steven Lehrer and James MacKinnon) - Assistant Professor - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Colombia

Ke Xu (supervised by Thorsten Koeppl) - Assistant Professor - University of Victoria - Canada

Michal Popiel (supervised by Morton Neilsen and Gregor Smith) - Economist - Analysis Group, Montreal - Canada

Richard Ishac (supervised by Jan Zabojnik and Chris Cotton) - National Bank of Canada, Montreal - Canada

Sergei Shibaev (supervised by Morton Neilsen, James MacKinnon, and Taylor Jaworski) - Credit Risk Modeling Lead - Citigroup - USA

Wenbo Zhu (supervised by Huw Lloyd-Ellis and Sumon Majumbar) - Assistant Professor - University of International Business & Economics - China

Yue Qiu (supervised by Frank Milne) - Assistant Professor - Xiamen University - China



Adugna Olani (supervised by Allen Head, Beverley Lapham, and Huw Lloyd-Ellis) - Visiting Lecturer - University of Georgia - USA

Alex Armstrong (supervised by Robin Boadway and Charles Beach) - Economist - Department of Finance - Canada

Alex Chernoff (supervised by Beverley Lapham) - Economist - Bank of Canada - Canada

Margaux MacDonald (supervised by Gregor Smith and Allan Gregory) - Economist - International Monetary Fund - USA

Mark Zhou (supervised by Amy Sun and Allen Head) - Postdoctoral Researcher - University of Waterloo - Canada

Michael Barber (supervised by Chris Ferrall) - Adjunct Assistant Professor - Queen's University - Canada

Wing Feng (supervised by Beverley Lapham and Allen Head) - Assistant Professor - National Taiwan Normal University - Taiwan