Announcements for 811, Fall 2020

1. This course will be delivered remotely. The assessment methods in this course will be announced at a later time.
2. I have added everyone who has registered for this course or who has sent me an e-mail requesting access. Anyone whose name I have missed or added this course afterwards please inform me so that I can add your name to the group. This course will be delivered using MSTeams.

3. Grade composition has been updated. Please note that this is tentative. It may be adjusted later on.

4. No class on Labor Day (Monday, September 7). The first lecture for this course is on Wednesday, September 9. 

5. I will be running test meetings on Monday, September 7 to test my equipment around 10:00am. I will not teach anything, and participation is totally optional.  

6. All past lectures are automatically posted on MS Teams. Lecture notes are posted there as well.  

7. Assignment #1, due September 24, 2020: 1.C.2; 2.D.2; 2.E.5.

Please send your assignment to the TA at, with subject title: ECON 811 Assignment #1