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1397 Blockchain-based Settlement For Asset Trading 2018
1398 Distributional Gains Of Near Higher Earners 2018
1399 Asymptotic Theory And Wild Bootstrap Inference With Clustered Errors 2018
1400 Reverse Bayesianism: A Generalization 2018
1401 Bid Rigging And Entry Deterrence In Public Procurement: Evidence From An Investigation Into Collusion And Corruption In Quebec 2018
1354 Purchase, Pirate, Publicize: Private-network Music Sharing And Market Album Sales 2018
1403 Search Frictions And Market Power In Negotiated Price Markets 2018
1404 Wild Bootstrap Randomization Inference For Few Treated Clusters 2018
1405 Nonstationary Cointegration In The Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model 2018
1390 Adaptive Inference In Heteroskedastic Fractional Time Series Models 2018
1406 Fast And Wild: Bootstrap Inference In Stata Using Boottest 2018
1407 Challenges To Higher Education In Canada And Australia 2018
1392 Comovements In The Real Activity Of Developed And Emerging Economies: A Test Of Global Versus Specific International Factors 2018
1408 Commodity Currencies And Monetary Policy 2018
1409 Who Uses Commercial Lobbying Firms 2018
1330 A Matlab Program And User's Guide For The Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model 2018
1396 Heterogeneity, Frictional Assignment And Home-ownership 2018
1364 The Wild Bootstrap For Few (treated) Clusters 2017
1381 How Vulnerable Is The Canadian Banking System To Fire-sales? 2017
1382 Costs, Size And Returns To Scale Among Canadian And U.s. Commercial Banks 2017
1383 Validity Of Wild Bootstrap Inference With Clustered Errors 2017
1384 Interpreting Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem 2017
1385 Utilitarianism, Voting And The Redistribution Of Income 2017
1386 Bootstrap And Asymptotic Inference With Multiway Clustering 2017
1402 The Geographic Flow Of Bank Funding And Access To Credit: Branch Networks And Local-market Competition 2017
1337 Economic Significance Of Commodity Return Forecasts From The Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model 2017
1387 Pitfalls When Estimating Treatment Effects Using Clustered Data 2017
1388 An Intertemporal Model Of Growing Awareness 2017
1389 The Economics Of Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin And Beyond 2017
1373 Student Aid And The Distribution Of Educational Attainment 2017
1391 Model Selection In Factor-augmented Regressions With Estimated Factors 2017
1393 Have Middle-class Earnings Risen In Canada? A Statistical Inference Approach 2017
1377 Competing For Capital: Auditing And Credibility In Financial Reporting 2017
1394 Testing The Cvar In The Fractional Cvar Model 2017
1379 An Overview Of The Canadian Banking System: 1996 To 2015 2017
1395 Daily Share Price-changes For Eleven D-j Companies Over Five Three-month Periods And Short-term Pro?t-seeking 2017
1380 Where Are The Economies Of Scale In Canadian Banking? 2017
1331 Has Canadian House Price Growth Been Excessive? 2016
1365 Inference With Large Clustered Datasets 2016
1350 Affirmative Action And Human Capital Investment: Theory And Evidence From A Randomized Field Experiment 2016
1366 Correcting For Bias In Hot Hand Analysis: Analyzing Performance Streaks In Youth Golf 2016
1367 Unconventional Monetary Policy In A Small Open Economy 2016
1352 Interest Rate Pass-through: A Nonlinear Vector Error-correction Approach 2016
1368 How Does Energy-cost Lead To Energy Efficiency? Panel Evidence From Canada 2016
1353 The Signaling Effect And Optimal Lolr Policy 2016
1369 Recession Propagation In Small Regional Economies: Spatial Spillovers And Endogenous Clustering 2016
1370 Race And Gender Affinities In Voting: Experimental Evidence 2016
1371 Designing A Basic Income Guarantee For Canada 2016
1356 A Utilitarian Measure Of Economic Growth 2016
1372 Cash-flow Business Taxation Revisited: Bankruptcy, Risk Aversion And Asymmetric Information 2016