Number Title Sort descending Year
1258 "reverse Bayesianism": A Choice-based Theory Of Growing Awareness 2010
1221 "reverse" Intergovernmental Transfers Between Regions With Local Public Goods 2009
1199 A 3.8% Discount Rate? 2009
1097 A Cost-benefit Analysis Of An Olympic Games 2006
1053 A Dynamic Model Of Settlement 2006
882 A Dynamic Model Of Trade Union Contract Duration 1993
1307 A Fast Fractional Difference Algorithm 2013
1326 A Fractionally Cointegrated Var Analysis Of Economic Voting And Political Support 2014
1328 A Fractionally Cointegrated Var Analysis Of Price Discovery In Commodity Futures Markets 2014
1327 A Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model With Deterministic Trends And Application To Commodity Futures Markets 2015
993 A Fundamental Theory Of Exchange Rates And Direct Currency Trades 2000
1082 A General Equilibrium Financial Asset Economy With Transaction Costs And Trading Constraints 2003
1177 A Lindahl Solution To International Emissions Trading 2008
1330 A Matlab Program And User's Guide For The Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model 2018
980 A Minimum Wage Can Be Welfare-improving And Employment-enhancing 1999
1264 A Monetary Theory With Non-degenerate Distributions 2011
1244 A Necessary Moment Condition For The Fractional Functional Central Limit Theorem 2010
1185 A Powerful Test Of The Autoregressive Unit Root Hypothesis Based On A Tuning Parameter Free Statistic 2008
1175 A Powerful Tuning Parameter Free Test Of The Autoregressive Unit Root Hypothesis 2008
1201 A Practitioner's Guide To Bayesian Estimation Of
Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Models
1132 A Quantile Based Test Of Protection For Sale Model 2007
1108 A Rent Extraction View Of Employee Discounts And Benefits 2006
929 A Theory Of Gender Discrimination Based On The Household 1996
1072 A Theory Of Vertical Fiscal Imbalance 2006
1356 A Utilitarian Measure Of Economic Growth 2016
1211 A Vector Autoregressive Model For Electricity Prices Subject To Long Memory And Regime Switching 2009
1198 Academia Or The Private Sector? Sorting Of Agents Into Institutions And An Outside Sector 2008
1009 Accounting For Racial Differences In Marriage And Employment 2002
1233 Accounting For The Racial Property Crime Gap In The Us: A Quantitative Equilibrium Analysis 2010
1242 Acquisitions As A Response To Deregulation: Evidence From The Cable Television Industry 2010
1390 Adaptive Inference In Heteroskedastic Fractional Time Series Models 2018
1332 Addiction And Network Influence 2014
1350 Affirmative Action And Human Capital Investment: Theory And Evidence From A Randomized Field Experiment 2016
1238 An Alternative Explanation Of The Chance Of Casting A Pivotal Vote 2011
1419 An Economic Model of the Distribution of Family Income in Canada 2019
998 An Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Public Expenditures On Education And Health On Poverty In Indian States 2001
1002 An Empty Promise: Average Cost Savings And Scale Economies Among Canadian And American Manufacturers, 1910-1998 2001
1006 An Evaluation Of The Risk-sharing Function Of Equalization In Canada 2002
1015 An Evaluation Of The Stabilization Properties Of Equalization In Canada 2003
1388 An Intertemporal Model Of Growing Awareness 2017
1379 An Overview Of The Canadian Banking System: 1996 To 2015 2017
1023 Applications Of The Fast Double Bootstrap 2006
919 Approximate Bias Correction In Econometrics 1995
1164 Are Sunnier Cities Denser? 2007
978 Artificial Regressions 1999
1038 Artificial Regressions 2001
1030 Assessing Economic Performance Among North American Manufacturing Establishments, 1870/71: Data, Methodology And Measurement Issues 2006
1399 Asymptotic Theory And Wild Bootstrap Inference With Clustered Errors 2018
1259 Asymptotics For The Conditional-sum-of-squares Estimator In Multivariate Fractional Time Series Models 2011
1322 Awareness Of Unawareness: A Theory Of Decision Making In The Face Of Ignorance 2014