covidAs you are aware, the University has instituted certain options for grades in Undergraduate courses for Winter Term 2020.

  • First, you are able to drop any winter term or full year course without academic penalty after you have seen your grade. 
  • Second, for any course you pass, you can choose a grade of P (pass) rather than an evaluative (letter) grade. Again you have this option after you have seen the grade.  Making this choice would mean that the units of the course will count (both in total and toward your academic plan), but the P grade would not count in your GPA.

These options apply to all Undergraduate Econ courses. Complete description of the options is available at

But before making these choices, please consider how they might affect your selection of or progression through Econ and APEC plans

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Plan Selection

Automatic acceptance into Econ and APEC plans will require a letter grade in:

The threshold is a minimum grade of C in your first year Econ class and an overall GPA of 1.90.

Math 126

Since a passing grade is all that is required in Math126 in the supporting credit as part of all Econ and APEC plans, then whether you choose a letter grade or a P in that course will not affect your eligibility for upper year Econ courses.

Prerequisite Grades

There are grade requirements for three 2nd year core courses as prerequisites for follow-on 3rd year core courses. 

These are being maintained. 

A minimum letter grade of C is required in

as a prerequisite for registration in Econ 310, Econ 320, and Econ 351, respectively.

To Request a change

To request a change from a letter grade to pass go to this A&S page.

The deadline for making the request is May 20, 11:59pm


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