QED Undergraduate Teaching Prize

The teaching of economics at the undergraduate level requires a unique set of skills, including intellectual rigor and flexibility, a breadth and depth of knowledge about one's teaching subject, good humour, and a capacity for understanding, compassion and patience.  Even those individuals who are truly exceptional researchers, supervisors and graduate instructors do not always posses the specific skills required to excel as an undergraduate teacher.  With the support of the Economics Trust, the alumni, students, faculty and staff of the Queen's Economics Department recognize and celebrate excellence and dedication in the teaching of undergraduate economics with the Queen's Economics Department (QED) Undergraduate Teaching Prize.

This prize is awarded annually to the individual who, through their involvement in the teaching of undergraduate economics at Queen's, has shown that they possess and consistently apply the skills required to excel in their role as instructor, mentor and motivator for their students.  Any individual who has been an instructor for one or more undergraduate economics courses at Queen's during the past year is eligible for this prize.  Eligible candidates include tenured and tenure-track professors, adjunct professors and teaching fellows.

Undergraduate students from all years, alumni, faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate candidates for this prize.  Nominations only require the name(s) of the person or persons submitting the nomination and a short note in support of the candidate. 

The winner of the prize is announced by the Head of the Economics Department and the Chair(s) of the Department Undergraduate Student Council at spring convocation.  Financial recognition funded by the Economics Trust may accompany the prize.



Call For Nominations



QED Teaching Prize Recipients

2011-2012                   Gregor Smith*

2012-2013                   Michael Abbott

2013-2014                    Arthur Stewart

2014-2015                        Frank Lewis

2015-2016                   Beverly Lapham

2016-2017                         Ian Cromb

2017-2018             Christopher Cotton


*inaugural winner