Brant Abbott

Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall Room 312
(613) 533-2264
brant.abbott at econ.queensu.ca

Robert Clark

Professor, Stephen J.R. Smith Chair in Economic Policy
Dunning 346
(613) 533-6546
clarkr at econ.queensu.ca

Christopher Cotton

Associate Professor, Jarislowsky-Deutsch Chair in Economic and Financial Policy and Director - John Deutsch Institute
Dunning Hall 230
(613) 533-2251
cotton at econ.queensu.ca
On Leave: 
Sabbatical July 1,2018 - June 30, 2019

Ian Cromb

Continuing Adjunct Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Chair of Economics
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A523
(613) 533-2265
crombi at econ.queensu.ca

Father Raymond de Souza

Continuing Adjunct Lecturer
(613) 541-3067
rjdesouza at cardus.ca

Christopher Ferrall

Mackintosh-Corry Hall A519
(613) 533-6658
ferrallc at queensu.ca

Devon Garvie

Associate Professor
Dunning Hall 344
(613) 533-2286
garvie at econ.queensu.ca

Allan Gregory

Mackintosh-Corry Hall A522
(613) 533-2299
awg at econ.queensu.ca

Anya Hageman

Continuing Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall 348
(613) 533-2261
hagemana at econ.queensu.ca

John Hartwick

Dunning Hall 305
(613) 533-2263
hartwick at econ.queensu.ca

Allen Head

Professor, RBC Fellow, Associate Head
Dunning Hall 234
(613) 533-6308
heada at econ.queensu.ca

Brent Hickman

Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall 345
(613) 533-2280
hickman at econ.queensu.ca

Glenn Jenkins

Adjunct Professor, Director - JDI Executive Programs
jenkins at econ.queensu.ca

Ian Keay

Dunning Hall 310
(613) 533-2289

Mike Kennedy

Continuing Adjunct Assistant Professor (Winter Term)
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A518
kennedym at econ.queensu.ca

Thorsten V. Koeppl

Associate Professor, RBC Fellow/Graduate Coordinator
Dunning Hall 229/Dunning 201
(613) 533-2271/(613) 533-2259
thor at econ.queensu.ca

Beverly Lapham

Dunning Hall 232
(613) 533-2297
laphamb at econ.queensu.ca

Huw Lloyd-Ellis

Professor and Department Head
Dunning Hall 233 and Dunning Hall 206
(613) 533-2276 and (613) 533-2253
lloydell at econ.queensu.ca

James G. MacKinnon

Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Econometrics
Dunning Hall 236
(613) 533-2293
jgm at econ.queensu.ca

Sumon Majumdar

Associate Professor
Dunning Hall 318
(613) 533-2274
sumon at econ.queensu.ca

Frank Milne

BMO Professor of Economics and Finance, M.A. Placement Officer
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A517
(613) 533-6494
milnef at econ.queensu.ca

Morten Ørregaard Nielsen

Professor, David Chadwick Smith Chair in Economics, Canada Research Chair in Time Series Econometrics
Dunning Hall 307
(613) 533-2262
mon at econ.queensu.ca

Gregor W. Smith

Douglas D. Purvis Professor
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A520
(613) 533-6659
smithgw at econ.queensu.ca

Arthur Stewart

Continuing Adjunct Lecturer
Dunning Hall 331
(613) 533-2283
stewarta at econ.queensu.ca

Amy Hongfei Sun

Associate Professor, RBC Fellow
Dunning Hall 309
(613) 533-2267
hfsun at econ.queensu.ca

Marie-Louise Vierø

Associate Professor
Dunning Hall 306
(613) 533-2292
viero at econ.queensu.ca

Ruqu Wang

Sir John A. MacDonald Professor
(613) 533-2250
wangr at queensu.ca

Roger Ware

Mackintosh-Corry Hall A524
(613) 533-2295
warer at queensu.ca

Jan Zabojnik

Dunning Hall 319
(613) 533-2275
zabojnik at econ.queensu.ca

Term Adjuncts

Michael Barber

Term Adjunct Lecturer
Dunning Hall 347
(613) 533-2249
barberm at econ.queensu.ca

Ugurhan Berkok

Term Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall 349
(613) 533-2291
berkoku at econ.queensu.ca

Johnathan Chiu

Term Adjunct (Winter Term)
Dunning Hall 304
(613) 533-2272
chiuj at econ.queensu.ca

Bahman Kashi

Term Adjunct (Winter Term)
Dunning Hall 315
(613) 533-6373
bahman.kashi at queensu.ca

David Longworth

Term Adjunct Professor (Fall Term), Associate Director, Risk Policy and Regulation Diploma Program
(613) 533-2522
longworth at econ.queensu.ca

Tao Wang

Term Adjunct Professor (Winter Term)
wangt at econ.queensu.ca

Emeritus Faculty

Michael Abbott

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 308
abbott at econ.queensu.ca

Charles Beach

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 231
(613) 533-2278
beachc at econ.queensu.ca

Robin Boadway

Emeritus Professor
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A521
(613) 533-2266
boadwayr at econ.queensu.ca

Lorne Carmichael

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 336
(613) 533-6257
carmykle at econ.queensu.ca

Tom Courchene

Emeritus Professor
SPS 314
(613) 533-6555
tom.courchene at queensu.ca

Frank Flatters

Emeritus Professor
ff at frankflatters.com

Stephan Kaliski

Emeritus Professor
kaliskis at econ.queensu.ca

Marvin McInnis

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 308
(613) 533-2298
mcinnism at econ.queensu.ca

Gordon Sparks

Emeritus Professor
sparksg at econ.queensu.ca

Klaus Stegemann

Emeritus Professor
stegemak at econ.queensu.ca

Affiliated Faculty Members

Weili Ding

Associate Professor (SPS)
Robert Sutherland Hall 429
(613) 533-6000 x 78784
dingw at queensu.ca

Steven F. Lehrer

Associate Professor (SPS)
Robert Sutherland Hall 324
(613) 533-6692
lehrers at queensu.ca

Ted Neave

Emeritus Professor (School of Business)

Post Doctoral Fellows

Alper Arslan

Post Doctoral Fellow
Mac_Corry A512
613-533-6000 ext 74454
arslan.alper at econ.queensu.ca

Won-Ki Seo

Post Doctoral Fellow
Mac-Corry A510
613-533-6000 ext 74398
wkseo at econ.queensu.ca