Brant Abbott

Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall Room 312
(613) 533-2264
brant.abbott at econ.queensu.ca

James Bergin

Dunning Hall 235
(613) 533-2273
berginj at econ.queensu.ca

Robert Clark

Professor, Stephen J.R. Smith Chair in Economic Policy
Dunning 346
(613) 533-6546
clarkr at econ.queensu.ca

Christopher Cotton

Associate Professor, Jarislowsky-Deutsch Chair in Economic and Financial Policy and Director - John Deutsch Institute
Dunning Hall 230
(613) 533-2251
cotton at econ.queensu.ca

Ian Cromb

Continuing Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A523
(613) 533-2265
crombi at econ.queensu.ca

Christopher Ferrall

Mackintosh-Corry Hall A519
(613) 533-6658
ferrallc at queensu.ca

Devon Garvie

Associate Professor
Dunning Hall 344
(613) 533-2286
garvie at econ.queensu.ca

Allan Gregory

Mackintosh-Corry Hall A522
(613) 533-2299
awg at econ.queensu.ca

John Hartwick

Dunning Hall 305
(613) 533-2263
hartwick at econ.queensu.ca

Allen Head

Professor, RBC Fellow, Associate Head
Dunning Hall 234
(613) 533-6308
heada at econ.queensu.ca

Taylor Jaworski

Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall 347
(613) 533-2249
jaworski at econ.queensu.ca

Glenn Jenkins

Adjunct Professor, Director - JDI Executive Programs
Department of Economics
(613) 533-6556
jenkins at econ.queensu.ca

Ian Keay

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair
Dunning Hall 310 / Dunning Hall 221D
(613) 533-2289 / (613) 533-6000 ext 74841
ikeay at econ.queensu.ca

Thorsten V. Koeppl

Associate Professor, RBC Fellow
Dunning Hall 229
(613) 533-2271
thor at econ.queensu.ca

Beverly Lapham

Dunning Hall 232
(613) 533-2297
laphamb at econ.queensu.ca

Frank D. Lewis

Dunning Hall 303
(613) 533-2290
lewisf at econ.queensu.ca

Huw Lloyd-Ellis

Professor and Department Head
Dunning Hall 233 and Dunning Hall 206
(613) 533-2276 and (613) 533-2253
lloydell at econ.queensu.ca

James G. MacKinnon

Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Econometrics
Dunning Hall 236
(613) 533-2293
jgm at econ.queensu.ca

Sumon Majumdar

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Dunning Hall 318 and Dunning Hall 201
(613) 533-2274 and (613) 533-2256
sumon at econ.queensu.ca

Frank Milne

BMO Professor of Economics and Finance, M.A. Placement Officer
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A517
(613) 533-6494
milnef at econ.queensu.ca

Morten Ørregaard Nielsen

David Chadwick Smith Chair in Economics, Canada Research Chair in Time Series Econometrics
Dunning Hall 307
(613) 533-2262
mon at econ.queensu.ca

Gregor W. Smith

Douglas D. Purvis Professor
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A520
(613) 533-6659
smithgw at econ.queensu.ca

Arthur Stewart

Continuing Adjunct Lecturer
Dunning Hall 331
(613) 533-2283
stewarta at econ.queensu.ca

Amy Hongfei Sun

Associate Professor, RBC Fellow
Dunning Hall 309
(613) 533-2267
hfsun at econ.queensu.ca

Marie-Louise Vierø

Associate Professor
Dunning Hall 306
(613) 533-2292
viero at econ.queensu.ca

Ruqu Wang

Sir John A. MacDonald Professor
(613) 533-2250
wangr at queensu.ca

Roger Ware

Mackintosh-Corry Hall A524
(613) 533-2295
warer at queensu.ca

Jan Zabojnik

Dunning Hall 319
(613) 533-2275
zabojnik at econ.queensu.ca

Term Adjuncts

Michael Barber

Term Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall 304
(613) 533-2272
barberm at econ.queensu.ca

Ugurhan Berkok

Term Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall 349
(613) 533-2291
berkoku at econ.queensu.ca

Father Raymond de Souza

Term Adjunct Lecturer (Fall Term)
Dunning Hall 209
(613) 541-3067
rjdesouza at cardus.ca

Anya Hageman

Term Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dunning Hall 348
(613) 533-2261
hagemana at econ.queensu.ca

Bahman Kashi

Term Adjunct (Spring Term)
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A512
(613) 533-6000 ext 74454
bahman.kashi at queensu.ca

Mike Kennedy

Term Adjunct Assistant Professor (Winter Term)
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A518
(613) 533-2522
kennedym at econ.queensu.ca

David Longworth

Term Adjunct Professor (Fall Term), Associate Director, Risk Policy and Regulation Diploma Program
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A518
(613) 533-2522
longworth at econ.queensu.ca

Lealand Morin

Term Adjunct
Dunning Hall 216A
(613) 533-6000 Ext. 77871
morinl at econ.queensu.ca

John Murray

Term Adjunct Professor (Fall Term)
Dunning Hall, Room 209
(613) 533-2250
murrayj at econ.queensu.ca

Emeritus Faculty

Michael Abbott

Emeritus Professor
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A521
(613) 533-2298
abbott at econ.queensu.ca

Charles Beach

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 231
(613) 533-2278
beachc at econ.queensu.ca

Robin Boadway

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 308
(613) 533-2266
boadwayr at econ.queensu.ca

Lorne Carmichael

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 336
(613) 533-6257
carmykle at econ.queensu.ca

Tom Courchene

Emeritus Professor
SPS 314
(613) 533-6555
tom.courchene at queensu.ca

Frank Flatters

Emeritus Professor
ff at frankflatters.com

Stephan Kaliski

Emeritus Professor
kaliskis at econ.queensu.ca

Marvin McInnis

Emeritus Professor
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A418
(613) 533-2247
mcinnism at econ.queensu.ca

Gordon Sparks

Emeritus Professor
sparksg at econ.queensu.ca

Klaus Stegemann

Emeritus Professor
stegemak at econ.queensu.ca

Dan Usher

Emeritus Professor
Dunning Hall 343
(613) 533-2285
usher at econ.queensu.ca

Affiliated Faculty Members

Weili Ding

Associate Professor (SPS)
Robert Sutherland Hall 429
(613) 533-6000 x 78784
dingw at queensu.ca

Steven F. Lehrer

Associate Professor (SPS)
Robert Sutherland Hall 324
(613) 533-6692
lehrers at queensu.ca

Ted Neave

Emeritus Professor (School of Business)

Post Doctoral Fellows

Antoine Djogbenou

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Term Adjunct
Dunning Hall Room 316
(613) 533-6000 Ext. 77685
antoined at econ.queensu.ca

Sener Salci

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Mackintosh-Corry Hall A510
(613) 533-6000 Ext. 74398
ssalci at econ.queensu.ca