Electronic Plagiarism Checking: Information and Instructions

As part of the Department's policy regarding academic integrity, students are required to submit an electronic copy of their paper when they submit a printed copy for grading. BOTH are required.

If you are unsure about what constitutes plagiarism, as part of the Arts/Sci Academic Integrity Policy, take a look at the document "Avoiding Plagiarism" on the Writing Centre website. The Queen's Writing Centre is a great resource to help you improve your writing skills to prepare for jobs or further education.

Also, review Arts and Science Regulation 1 on Academic Integrity, which includes submitting the same piece of work in more than one course, buying or selling term papers, etc., as outlined in the 2010-11 calendar.


Instructions (Winter 2018)

  1. Attach an electronic copy of your paper to an e-mail message & send it to the relevant e-mail address (as listed below).  ONE file ONLY.
  2. FILENAME:  should be lastname_firstinitial_student number. Example: Razmataz_M_4224242pdf.
  3. SUBJECT LINE: Full name and student number.  Example:  Razmataz_Maria_4224242
  4. The electronic copy of your paper can be in any of the following formats (MS-Word, Wordperfect, Postscript, PDF, HTML, RTF, Plain text, PPT, PPTX, PPS an HWP)
  5. You will be contacted ONLY if we have not received your paper or if it is not in a compatible format.



Fall CoursesE-mail Address
ECON 231econ231papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 290econ290papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 371econ371papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 435/835econ435papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 481econ481papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 482econ482papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 485econ485papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 492econ492papers@econ.queensu.ca


Winter CoursesE-mail Address
ECON 232econ232papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 332econ332papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 480econ480papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 483econ483papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 484econ484papers@econ.queensu.ca
ECON 491econ491papers@econ.queensu.ca


If you have any questions regarding  the submission process, please contact Elvira Posthumus at pachecoe@econ.queensu.ca.  Questions regarding policy contact the Undergraduate Studies Assistant or Chair, Dunning 221, Phone: 533-2296, ballj@econ.queensu.ca or ikeay@econ.queensu.ca.