Department of Economics Grading Policy

In an effort to promote consistency and transparency across departments and across courses within each department, the Faculty of Arts and Science has asked that information about the Faculty's new grading policy be disseminated as widely as possible.  A detailed description of this grading policy is available on the Faculty of Arts and Science web page:

The Economics Department expects that virtually all undergraduate economics courses will continue to use the "numbers in - letters out" approach described in the Faculty policy.  Some undergraduate economics courses that rely heavily on writing assignments (the economic history courses, for example) may use the "letters in - letters out" approach described in the Faculty policy.  Starting Winter Term 2012 every undergraduate economics course syllabus will announce the grading approach that will be used.  For the purpose of calculating undergraduate economics final course grades when using the "letters in - letters out" approach, all intermediate letter grades will be translated into numeric equivalents using the Faculty of Arts and Science Approved Numeric Scores.  When using the "numbers in - letters out" approach, all intermediate numeric percentage grades will be translated into final course letter grades using Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale.


Arts & Science Approved Numeric Scores

Intermediate Letter Grade        Numeric Score

A+                                    93

A                                       87

A-                                     82

B+                                     78

B                                       75

B-                                     72

C+                                    68

C                                       65

C-                                     62

D+                                    58

D                                      55

D-                                    52

F+                                    48

F                                       24

F0                                       0



Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale

Letter Grade                % Grade Range

A+                              90-100

A                                85-89

A-                              80-84

B+                               77-79

B                                 73-76

B-                               70-72

C+                              67-69

C                                 63-66

C-                               60-62

D+                               57-59

D                                 53-56

D-                              50-52

F                               49-0