Economics Undergraduate Plans

Queen's Economics Department has long been a leader in both undergraduate and graduate education. The undergraduate plans we offer are structured to encourage a balanced examination of modern economics. The introductory courses (ECON 110 or ECON 111* and 112*) provide a comprehensive survey of many aspects of the subject, with an emphasis on analytical principles. These courses serve both as a foundation for further study and as a general introduction for those who want only a taste of what Economics can offer. Those who pursue an undergradaute degree in economics are guided through courses in advanced economic theory, statistical and econometric analytics, the application of contemporary economic analysis in areas of policy analysis and design, and economic communication and research. Applied courses cover an exceptionally wide range of economic problems and discourse, including public finance, money, banking and investment, international trade and development, natural resources and the environment, economic growth and business cycles, labour markets and income distribution, law and economics, and the economic systems of other countries. Queen's Economics Department offers five degree plan options:

  • a BA Honours degree in Economics;
  • a BA Honours degree in Applied Economics;
  • a BA Honours degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), with a specialization in Economics
  • a BA Honours degree with medial concentrations in economics and any other discipline in the Faculty of Arts and Science;
  • a three-year BA degree with a minor concentration in economics.

A frequently asked question is: How do the Economics (ECON) and Applied Economics (APEC) plans offered by the Department differ? Compared with the traditional major concentration in Economics, the Applied Economics plan shifts focus towards empirical applications in business, finance and policy analysis. APEC offers more advanced empirical courses and additional scope for students to include upper-year courses taught by the Queen's School of Business. The Economics and Applied Economics plans thus provide equally rigorous but slightly different programs of instruction in modern economic analysis. For more information on the undergraduate plans, please visit our Degree Programs page: Economics Degrees, or email the Undergraduate Office: UG Office.