Why Study Economics?

Are you curious about how the world works, willing to learn, eager for a challenge, and interested in laying the foundation for a successful career? If so, then you should seriously consider studying economics at Queen’s.

Studying Economics at Queen's

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Video (2 min): Social Sciences at Queen's

Economic issues are an ever-present and inherent part of our lives: wealth inequality, globalization, the impacts of climate change, unemployment and inflation. While many issues are fundamentally economic in nature, most social, political and environmental problems have important economic consequences. The social science of economics is our attempt to analyze, understand and solve these problems.

What will you do with your Queen's Economics degree?

At the Queen’s Economics Department, we emphasize the intellectual growth and development of individual students. Our alumni typically go on to distinguished careers in business, in government and in academia. Our faculty actively conduct research in diverse fields of interest, and consistently rank amongst the top departments in Canada for quality of research output.

Career Options and Alumni Feedback

By studying economics at Queen’s you will:

  • Learn how to address complex local, national and international economic problems
  • Communicate complex economic issues effectively
  • Learn how to apply appropriate quantitative methods to a range of economic issues
  • Develop a deep understanding of the economy 
  • Develop research, analytical, leadership and creative thinking skills

Acquiring diverse and flexible skills leads to a wide range of options after graduation.