Faculty - Research Interests

Research Interests Sabbatical Leave
Brant Abbott
Robert Clark
Christopher Cotton Public Economics; Political Economy; Game Theory; Experimental Economics Sabbatical July 1,2018 - June 30, 2019
Ian Cromb Micro Theory; Public Economics; Economics of Insurance; Public Finance; Industrial Organization
Father Raymond de Souza
Weili Ding Public Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Microeconomics, the Economy of China
Christopher Ferrall Computational Economic Policy Analysis
Devon Garvie Microeconomic Theory; Environmental Economics; Law and Economics; Welfare Economics; Regulatory Economics; Industrial Organization
Allan Gregory Time Series; Applied Econometrics; Health Economics
Anya Hageman
John Hartwick Microeconomic Theory; Natural Resource Economics; Urban Economics
Allen Head Open Economy Macroeconomics and Economic Fluctuations
Brent Hickman
Ian Keay Economic History, Environmental Economics
Mike Kennedy
Thorsten V. Koeppl Macroeconomics; Financial Market Infrastructure; Financial Economics
Beverly Lapham International Economics; Macroeconomics; Industrial Organization
Steven F. Lehrer Economics of Education; Health Economics; Experimental Economics; Causal Inference
Huw Lloyd-Ellis Macroeconomics; Growth and Income Distribution; Fiscal Policy under Uncertainty
James G. MacKinnon Theoretical Econometrics, especially Bootstrap Methods and Specification Testing
Sumon Majumdar
Frank Milne The Theory of the Firm; Accumulation of Human Capital; Asset Pricing Theory; Banking Theory; Market Games; General Equilibrium, Financial Markets and Frictions; Risk Management, Financial Stability
Ted Neave
Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Estimation and Testing in Fractional Integration and Cointegration Models; Semiparametric Analysis of Long Memory Processes; Financial Econometrics and High Frequency Data; Unit Root and Cointegration Testing
Gregor W. Smith Open Economy Macroeconomics; International Finance
Arthur Stewart Public Economics; Industrial Organization
Amy Hongfei Sun Macroeconomics; Theory on Frictional Markets; Monetary and Financial Economics
Anita Tusche
Marie-Louise Vierø Microeconomic Theory; Decision Theory
Ruqu Wang Auctions; Mathematical Economics; Industrial Organization
Roger Ware Industrial Organization; Dynamic Strategic Interaction; Antitrust Economics; Economics of Banking
Jan Zabojnik Applied Microeconomic Theory; Economics of Organizations; Industrial Organization