Marie-Louise Vierø: Research

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My research is in decision theory and microeconomic theory. Recently, I have been focusing on issues pertaining to unawareness and growing awareness.



Working Papers

  • "Reverse Bayesianism": A clarification and generalization (with Edi Karni and Quitzé Valenzuela-Stookey)
    QED Working Paper No. 1400. Revised August 2018.
  • An intertemporal model of growing awareness
    QED Working Paper No. 1388. Revised August 2018.
  • Risk is Risk? (with Alex Stomper)
    QED Working Paper No. 1378. January 2017.
  • Iterated Expectations under Rank-Dependent Expected Utility and Model Consistency (with Alex Stomper)
    QED Working Paper No. 1228. Revised October 2015. Previous drafts of this paper were titled "Conditioning and Updating under Cumulative Prospect Theory", "Reduction of Compound Lotteries under Cumulative Prospect Theory", and "Iterated Expectations under Cumulative Prospect Theory: an Impossibility Result".