QED Placement Services

Doctoral Candidates

Name Email Personal URL References Fields
Patrick Alexander alexander at econ.queensu.ca


Beverly Lapham, Ian Keay, Glenn Jenkins International Trade, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics
Michael Barber barberm at econ.queensu.ca


Christopher Ferrall, Marco Cozzi, Susumu Imai, James G. MacKinnon Economics of Education, Labour Economics
Michael Kottelenberg kottelen at econ.queensu.ca


Steven F. Lehrer, James G. MacKinnon , Charles Beach, Vincent Pohl Primary: Economics of Education, Health Economics and Public Economics; Secondar: Labor Economics and Applied Economics
Jeffrey Penney penneyj at econ.queensu.ca


Steven F. Lehrer, James G. MacKinnon , Christopher Ferrall, Ugurhan Berkok Primary: Applied Microeconomics, Economics of Education; Secondary: Economics of the Household, Health Economics
Yue Shen sheny at econ.queensu.ca


Frank Milne, James Bergin, Ruqu Wang Finance and Game Theory
Pier-Andre Bouchard St. Amant pabsta at gmail.com


James Bergin, Robin Boadway, Perry Merhling Micro Economics, Public Economics, Network Economics
Matthew Webb webbm at econ.queensu.ca


James G. MacKinnon , Steven F. Lehrer, M. Scott Taylor Economics of Education, Applied Microeconometrics, LabourEconomics
Zhe Yang yangzhe at econ.queensu.ca


Huw Lloyd-Ellis, Amy Hongfei Sun, Allen Head Macroeconomics, Monetary/Financial Economics, Real Estate Economics

If you are having difficulty contacting a candidate directly please contact Juanita Dennie, the Career Resources Assistant, by e-mail or by calling (613) 533-3122. Ms. Dennie would be happy to help you circulate any job posting that you wish our students and alumni to be made aware of.

Professor Jan Zabojnik is in charge of PhD placement. Please feel free to contact Professor Zabojnik or Ms. Juanita Dennie, for further information about our job candidates.