I am pleased to invite you to consult SSHRC’s website for new information regarding SSHRC’s Talent, Insight and Connection programs for the 2015 competitions.

Policies, Guidelines, Regulations and Related Information:

·       The new Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications has been integrated into SSHRC’s website.  For information, consult the updated Open Access landing page

·       New Guidelines for Effective Knowledge Mobilization, pertaining to all grant applications, are available through the updated Community Engagement page

  • See the Definition of Terms page for new definitions for “Aboriginal research” and “knowledge mobilization”, and for updated definitions of “emerging scholars” and “record of research achievement”.

Program Descriptions and Funding Opportunities:

·       Descriptions for SSHRC’s Talent Program, Insight Program, and Connection Program and the landing page for Future Challenge Areas have been updated

·       Two new Joint initiatives, the Healthy and Productive Work Joint Initiative with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Societal Implications of Disruptive Innovation with Genome Canada have been launched and the Sport Participation Research Initiative with Sports Canada has been updated.

·       The descriptions and application material for the following funding opportunities have been updated:

o   SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships Funding Opportunity and Resource Centre for Postdoctoral Fellowships ;

o   Insight Grants Funding Opportunity and Resource Centre for Grants (with new resources regarding Research Creation), and

o   Knowledge Synthesis Grants : What effects will the quest for energy and natural resources have on our society and our position on the world stage?

o   Doctoral Awards Funding Opportunities and Resource Centre for Doctoral Awards (The form will be launched shortly).

Coming Soon:

·       The descriptions and application material for the following funding opportunities will be updated and launched soon:

o   Partnership Development Grants

o   Community and College Social Innovation Fund:  After the first successful competition of this pilot funding opportunity, SSHRC is pleased to announce a second competition to be launched in August 2015.  The deadline date for submitting applications will be in late November or early December 2015.  For more information, please contact Éric Bergeron, at SSHRC thanks all of the colleges, polytechnics and CÉGEPs for their support.

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