Dual Degrees

Fall 2012 is the last term students may begin a dual degree with any Arts and Science plan except the BA General in Economics.  Dual Degrees that include an ECON-G-BA plan are still open to students registered in a primary degree program in Commerce, Engineering or Nursing.  Upon completion of a dual degree students graduate with a BCOM-BA, BSCE-BA or BNSc-BA.  These degree combinations tend to be highly sought after by graduate schools, and private and public sector employers. 

Students typically apply for admission into a dual degree program after first year, but applications can be considered for students in all upper years.  Students typically take more than the minimum four years to complete a dual degree, but it is possible to structure your program to complete all requirements in four years.

Dual degree requirements and all application details can be accessed through Undergraduate Admissions.  Admission into a dual degree is a competitive process and structuring students' programs to meet all requirements can be complex, but the Undergraduate Studies Office in the Economics Department has considerable experience with dual degrees.  We strongly advise interested students to consult the Dual Degree links on the Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Nursing web sites before arranging to meet with an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Studies Office in the Economics Department.


Faculty of Arts and Science Dual Degrees: http://www.queensu.ca/artsci/help/dual-degree-programs

Faculty of Applied Science Dual Degrees: http://engineering.queensu.ca/Undergraduate-Programs/Dual-Degrees.html

Faculty of Commerce Dual Degrees: http://business.queensu.ca/bcom/future_students/optional_programs/index.php

Faculty of Nursing Dual Degrees: http://nursing.queensu.ca/cu_four_yr.php

Department of Economics Undergraduate Studies Office Contact Information: http://www.econ.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate

Dual Degree Requirements and Application Details / Undergraduate Admissions: http://www.queensu.ca/admission/apply/current/dual.html