Annual Fourth Year Dinner

QED Annual Fourth Year Dinner!


In 2003, we began a renewed event specifically for our Fourth Year Honours class. The first distinguished guest speaker

at the Dinner was Professor Richard G. Harris, a former professor in the department who now teaches at Simon Fraser University.

Rumour has it this was arranged during a game of golf when Rick was visiting in the summer, as he does every year.

Since then we have welcomed a series of successful QED alumni speakers in the fall each year.

Details of dinners and the guest speakers are available on our Alumni website included in the QED Newsletter each year.

We look forward to continuing this event well into the future.

To date, the speaker list includes David Laidler, Don Drummond, Heather Conway, Fr Raymond de Souza, Rick Egelton,

Bruce Little, Kevin Page, Eric Tripp (who flew himself on his private plane TO to Kingston), Jacqui Allard, Michael Hilliard,

Brett House, Neil Morrison, Sue Moeller, and  Lori Sterling. The 2018 guest speaker was Edward Iacobucci,

Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto.