Our students graduate with analytical and technical skills that are in great demand in today’s job market.


We offer some of the best post-graduate programs in Canada.


The QED ranks among the top research departments in Canada and is highly regarded internationally.


Our many accomplished alumni contribute to Canada and the world through a wide variety of careers.

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2022 November 30
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2022 November 30

Affiliation:  University of Toronto

Title:  "A Macroeconomic Perspective on Taxing Multinational Enterprises"

2022 December 02

Affiliation:  Queen's

Title:  TBA

2022 December 06

Affiliation:  University of Victoria

Title:  TBA

2022 December 07

Affiliation:  McGill University

Title:  "How Important are Inter-vivos Transfers and Bequests in Providing Consumption Insurance?"

2022 December 09

Affiliation:  Queen's University

Title:  TBA

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