ECON 590

Optional for those in the B.A. (Honours) program with a Major concentration in Economics. The thesis is a major research paper, to be undertaken with supervision of an Economics Department Faculty member. The thesis proposal should be presented to the Department for approval by 31 October in the graduating year and the completed thesis must be submitted to the Department by beginning of the winter term examination period (April). Presentations of preliminary work are scheduled for early January.

Permission of the Department. This course is open only to students who have been admitted to the final year of the Honours program with a concentration in Economics.

Additional Information:
Permission to take this course is subject to approval by the Department. Students who are considering the thesis option must consult with the Thesis Coordinator and Chair of UG Studies. Please email to set up a meeting prior to the summer Registration period.
Typically only those who have minimum economics averages of A or higher are considered. Enrolment is limited.

Course Offerings

This course is not currently offered.

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