ECON 882

Students will identify an ambitious research project and acquire the skills and resources necessary to carry out the project. From their starting points students will identify and develop a research topic over the semester. This topic/plan may indeed become the student's summer research essay, but this is not required. The expectation is that the student will be in an excellent position to complete their essay quickly during the summer if it relates to their Econ 882 topic. Students will investigate all aspects of their topic, including an extensive literature review, the historical origins of the issue/method/controversy. They will identify the methods used by current work in the area and teach themselves the methods through their study group. Students who wish to use the QRDC to access data for their summer essay are encouraged to enroll in Econ 882. The process of getting QRDC access becomes one part of Econ 882.

Additional Information:
Please note that non-Economics students who are interested in this course must obtain the Instructor's approval before registering.

Course Offerings

This course is not currently offered.