MATH and STAT Requirements

  • The ECON, APEC and PPE-Economics Specialization plans all require the completion of first year calculus: MATH 121 or MATH 126 (or MATH 120, 122 (123 and 124)). 
  • Dual Degree students with APSC 171 and APSC 172 should contact the Undergraduate Studies office to be entered in courses with calculus as a prerequisite.
  • All ECON plans require the completion of ECON 250 (or STAT 263).  Students in a Medial, Dual Degree or Minor economics plan who have taken COMM 162, PSYC 202, SOCY 211, STAT 267 or STAT 367 should contact the Undergraduate Studies office.  No other courses with statistical content will be considered as a possible substitute for ECON 250 (or STAT 263).

Additional requirements

  • A maximum of 6.0 units of non-Arts and Science courses - specifically Commerce courses - can be used to fulfill Arts and Science Degree requirements, including those specifically for ASC students (such as COMM 200) or courses used as ECON_Subs (such as COMM 211 and COMM 221). This also applies to Dual Degree students in Commerce and Economics.
  • The only exception to this rule in the Faculty of Arts and Science is in Applied Economics.  A maximum of 9.0 units of non-Arts and Science - Commerce courses (listed as part of the APEC plan subs)  can be used to fulfill Arts and Science Degree requirements in APEC.
  • Second degree and dual degree students must complete a minimum of 30 units of Arts and Science courses while registered as an Arts and Science student (whether they are plan-specific courses or other ASC courses) for the General/Minor Plan, or 54 units for both the APEC-M-BAH and ECON-M-BAH Plans (second degree only). See ASC regulations regarding second degree requirements. Dual degree students may only select ECON-G-BA.
  • For students using courses from other universities to meet Queen's degree requirements, plan and cumulative GPA is calculated on Queen's courses only. A letter of permission from Arts and Science student services (Dunning Hall, 1st Floor) must be obtained prior to taking courses elsewhere (IPO office if it is an international school). A minimum grade equivalent to a C at Queen's is required to have the course transferred (designated TR). Typically, the Economics Department does not approve core courses as transfer credits for ECON or APEC students.