2022 June 1

On June 20th, students, parents, faculty, and staff all gathered in the Hand-Purvis Conference Room to celebrate spring convocation.

2022 May 16

We currently have a mix of online and on-campus opportunities for Term Adjuncts and Teaching Fellows. 

Information on the positions and how to apply can be found here

2022 April 25

Find the job posting and information on the application process here.

2022 April 1

I am Lan He, an international student from China majoring in Applied Economics and minoring in Mathematics. I have tutoring experience in economics for 2 years.

2022 March 23

Olyvia Salek, Queens University, Honors BA Applied Economics and Business, April 2022

2022 March 21

I’m Luke Yao, a global citizen who sees the world through the lens of an economist. I use tools like math and statistics to help me understand societies and human behaviors. I can process data and produce visualizations using R studio.

2022 March 21

I am Dorothy Feng, a fourth-year student from Queen’s University. My program is Applied Economics and I’m planning to graduate at the end of April this year. I used to have several internships before.