2023 July 7
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2023 June 29

On June 22nd, we gathered in the Hand-Purvis Conference Room to celebrate the hard-earned graduation of our students. Among the attendants were students, parents, friends, faculty members, and staff.

2023 June 6

The 57th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association was held June 2-3, 2023 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Current and former members of the QED were on the receiving end of two prestigious awards and one fellow.

2023 May 29
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2023 May 17
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2023 May 4

Every month, StatCan releases the Consumer Price Index, doing the important work of measuring inflation. But what does that number tell us about the health of the economy?

2023 April 6

We currently have multiple Term Adjunct positions available for on-campus. Please visit our Employment Opportunities page for open positions.

2023 April 4
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