2022 June 1

On June 20th, students, parents, faculty, and staff all gathered in the Hand-Purvis Conference Room to celebrate spring convocation.

2022 April 1

I am Lan He, an international student from China majoring in Applied Economics and minoring in Mathematics. I have tutoring experience in economics for 2 years.

2022 March 23

Olyvia Salek, Queens University, Honors BA Applied Economics and Business, April 2022

2022 March 21

I’m Luke Yao, a global citizen who sees the world through the lens of an economist. I use tools like math and statistics to help me understand societies and human behaviors. I can process data and produce visualizations using R studio.

2022 March 21

I am Dorothy Feng, a fourth-year student from Queen’s University. My program is Applied Economics and I’m planning to graduate at the end of April this year. I used to have several internships before.

2022 March 21

I am currently a 4th-year Economics & Certificate in Business Student. During my degree, some of the most valuable courses that I took were the 3rd and 4th-year Financial Economics courses offered by Professor Frank Milne.

2021 December 15

For course exams that were cancelled and are being rescheduled (i.e., Dec 13 and Dec 14 exams):

*   The new schedule will be determined by Friday Dec 17 and remaining exams will be re-scheduled between Dec 19 to Dec 23.

2021 August 13

As of August 18, we have expanded capacity in some of the upper year Econ courses in 2021-22.

2021 July 26

Karen Ye is the recipient of the 2021 Queen's Economics Department Undergraduate Teaching Prize.

The Prize is awarded yearly for excellence in undergraduate teaching, to a recipient nominated by undergraduate students.

2020 August 21

Econ 360 will be offered in Winter 2021. 

Timetable and instructor will be announced la