2022 April 1

I am Lan He, an international student from China majoring in Applied Economics and minoring in Mathematics. I have tutoring experience in economics for 2 years.

2022 March 23

Olyvia Salek, Queens University, Honors BA Applied Economics and Business, April 2022

2022 March 21

I’m Luke Yao, a global citizen who sees the world through the lens of an economist. I use tools like math and statistics to help me understand societies and human behaviors. I can process data and produce visualizations using R studio.

2022 March 21

I am Dorothy Feng, a fourth-year student from Queen’s University. My program is Applied Economics and I’m planning to graduate at the end of April this year. I used to have several internships before.

2022 March 21

I am currently a 4th-year Economics & Certificate in Business Student. During my degree, some of the most valuable courses that I took were the 3rd and 4th-year Financial Economics courses offered by Professor Frank Milne.

2021 December 15

For course exams that were cancelled and are being rescheduled (i.e., Dec 13 and Dec 14 exams):

*   The new schedule will be determined by Friday Dec 17 and remaining exams will be re-scheduled between Dec 19 to Dec 23.

2021 August 13

As of August 18, we have expanded capacity in some of the upper year Econ courses in 2021-22.

2021 July 26

Karen Ye is the recipient of the 2021 Queen's Economics Department Undergraduate Teaching Prize.

The Prize is awarded yearly for excellence in undergraduate teaching, to a recipient nominated by undergraduate students.

2020 August 21

Econ 360 will be offered in Winter 2021. 

Timetable and instructor will be announced la

2020 May 12
Information about grading of Winter 2020 courses and Undergraduate Economics Programs

This Year Academic Prize Winners

Sarah Clark, Tianbo Shen, Matthew McAulay, Sihui Shan, Jack Flinn, Zoe Harrison
Greg Adams