Third Year Students Returning Next Fall

If you are returning as a fourth-year student and intend to complete your degree in one of our Honours plans, please read the information  below.

In late Winter Term: a short form will be opened up below for you to complete.The Deadline to complete this form is June 1.We will use the information you provide to generate an email list of all Economics students.

In June: you will be contacted to give your preferences over seminars by completing a different form. You cannot register for the required ECON seminar on SOLUS: If it is open the direct link to the form is seminars

ECON and APEC Students

  • You must meet the requirements and prerequisites to be enrolled in the mandatory Seminar course (3 units). 
  • We will assess your 30 unit economics GPA to determine if you meet the minimum requirement of 2.6 and have completed at least 310 and 351 prior to selecting a seminar.
  • If eligible, you will receive an email with the seminar selection form in June.

Medial Students

  • Complete the form below
  • Medial students must meet their requirements to enrol in the mandatory Seminar course.
  • Medial students' assessments are based on best 18 units of economics and completion of one of 310, 320, or 351, along with eligibility in their other subject plan.
  • If eligible, you will receive an email with the seminar selection form in June.

PPEC Students

  • Complete the form below.
  • PPEC students will automatically be enrolled into the PPEC 400 seminar

Seminar Preference Form Opens in late June or July


This Year Academic Prize Winners

Sarah Clark, Tianbo Shen, Matthew McAulay, Sihui Shan, Jack Flinn, Zoe Harrison
Greg Adams