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1514 Majid Hashemi, Glenn Jenkins, Frank Milne Renewable Energy Support Through Feed-in Tariffs: A Retrospective Stakeholder Analysis 2023 H23, O13, Q42, Q48
1513 Glenn Jenkins, Richard Sogah, Abdallah Othman, Mikhail Miklyaev, Çagay Coskuner Estimation of the Economic Opportunity Cost of Labour: An Operational Guide for Ghana 2023 O2, D61, Q42, Q48
1512 Glenn Jenkins, Ludovic Mbakop, Mikhail Miklyaev Enhancement of Coffee Quality in Rwanda: A Stakeholder Analysis of Government Policies 2023 D40, E23, Q17
1511 Nabil Afodjo, Christopher Cotton, Maggie Jones Student Experiences with COVID-19 in Canada 2023 I21, I24, I28
1510 Tanvir Ahmed Khan Can Unbiased Predictive AI Amplify Bias? 2023 O33, J15, G2
1509 Jonathan Chiu, Thorsten V. Koeppl, Hanna Yu, Shengxing Zhang Understanding the DeFi Network Through the Lens of a Production-Network Model 2023 G2, L14
1508 Charles Beach Quantile Tool Box Measures for Empirical Analysis and for Testing Distributional Comparisons in Direct Distribution-Free Fashion 2023 C12, C46, D31, D63
1507 Beverly Lapham, Daniel Teeter A Gravity Analysis of Inter-Provincial Trade 2023 F13, F14, F15
1506 John Hartwick Hotelling’s Exhaustible Resource Extraction Model as a Linear Program 2023 Q320, C61, D46
1505 Charles Beach Sample Sizes for Reliably Estimating Lower and Upper Income Shares in Income Distribution Analysis 2023 C12, C46, D31, D63
1504 Ludovic Mbakop, Glenn Jenkins, Leonard Leung, Kamil Sertoglu Traceability, value, and trust in the coffee market: A natural experiment in Ethiopia 2023 D40, E23, Q17
1503 Foroogh Nazzari Chamaki, Glenn Jenkins, Majid Hashemipour Financial, Economic and Environmental Analyses of Upgrading Reverse Osmosis Plant Fed with Treated Wastewater 2023 I38, L95, H43, Q25
1502 Osaid Alshamleh, Glenn Jenkins, Tufan Ekici Excise Tax Incidence: The Inequity of Taxing Obesity and Beauty 2023 H22, L66
1501 Glenn Jenkins, Mehmet Nazif Estimation of economic welfare gains from trade facilitation in the Andean Community 2023 F14, F13, D60
1500 Glenn Jenkins, Godwin Olasehinde-Williams A Test of Hirschman’s Hiding Hand Principle in World Bank-Financed Hydropower Projects 2023 D61, D91, O13
1499 Thorsten V. Koeppl, Jeremy M Kronick, James McNeil Using Functional Shocks to Assess Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy in Canada 2023 E52, E65, C58, G12
1498 Nicholas Brown Moment-Based Estimation of Linear Panel Data Models with Factor-Augmented Errors 2023 C36, C38
1497 Nicholas Brown, Jeffrey Wooldridge More Efficient Estimation of Multiplicative Panel Data Models in the Presence of Serial Correlation 2023 C23
1496 Nicholas Brown, Kyle Butts, Joakim Westerlund Difference-in-Differences via Common Correlated Effects 2023 C31, C33, C38
1495 Nicholas Brown, Kyle Butts A Unified Framework for Dynamic Treatment Effect Estimation in Interactive Fixed Effect Models 2022 C13, C21, C23, C26
1494 Nicholas Brown Information Equivalence Among Transformations of Semiparametric Nonlinear Panel Data Models 2022 C14, C33, C36
1493 Majid Hashemi, Glenn Jenkins, Frank Milne Rooftop Solar with Net Metering: An Integrated Investment Appraisal 2022 D61, L94, Q42, Q48
1492 Christopher Cotton, Ardyn Nordstrom, Jordan Nanowski, Eric Richert Can Dialogues Around Girls' Education Improve Academic Outcomes? Evidence from a Randomized Development Project 2022 I24, I25, J16, O12, O15
1491 Nicholas Brown, Joakim Westerlund TESTING FACTORS IN CCE 2022
1490 Jonathan Chiu, Thorsten V. Koeppl PayTech and the D(ata) N(etwork) A(ctivities) of BigTech Platforms 2022 D8, E42, L1