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1451 David Longworth, Frank Milne Public Health and Government Preparations For Future Pandemics 2021 I18, H12, H51, H84, G21
1450 N'Golo Kone Regularized Maximum Diversification Investment Strategy 2021
1449 Steven Lehrer, Tian Xie The Bigger Picture: Combining Econometrics with Analytics Improve Forecasts of Movie Success 2020 C52, L82, D03, M21, C53
1448 Christopher Cotton, Ardyn Nordstrom, Jordan Nanowski, Eric Richert Information and Advocacy Campaigns in Support of Girls' Education Increase Math Performance and Enrolment 2020 C93, I25, O15
1447 Robert Clark, Mario Samano Incentivized Mergers and Cost Effciency: Evidence from the Electricity Distribution Industry 2020
1446 Robert Clark, Decio Coviello, Adriano De Leverano Complementary bidding and the collusive arrangement: Evidence from an antitrust investigation 2020 L22, L74, D44, H57
1445 Robert Clark, Shaoteng Li The strategic response of banks to macroprudential policies: Evidence from mortgage stress tests in Canada 2020
1444 Christopher Cotton, Brent R. Hickman, John List, Joseph P. Price, Sutanuka Roy Productivity Versus Motivation in Adolescent Human Capital Production: Evidence from a Structurally-Motivated Field Experiment 2020 C93, I21, I24, J22, J24, O15
1443 Edi Karni, Marie-Louise Vierø Comparative Incompleteness: Definitions, Behavioral Manifestations and Elicitation 2020
1442 Pejman Bahramian, Glenn Jenkins, Frank Milne A stakeholder analysis of investments for wind power electricity generation in Ontario 2020 O55, D61, Q42
1441 Christopher Cotton, Bahman Kashi, Huw Lloyd-Ellis, Frederic Tremblay Quantifying the Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Policy Responses on Canada's Provinces in (Almost) Real Time 2020 I18, C67, E61
1440 Pejman Bahramian, Glenn Jenkins, Frank Milne The Displacement Impacts of Wind Power Electricity Generation: Costly Lessons from Ontario 2020 D61, F18, F64, H23, H25, H43
1439 N'Golo Kone A Multi-Period Portfolio Selection in a Large Financial Market 2020
1438 Stephanie Assad, Robert Clark, Daniel Ershov, Lei Xu Algorithmic Pricing and Competition: Empirical Evidence from the German Retail Gasoline Market 2020 L41, L13, D43, D83, L71
1437 Frank Milne, David Longworth Preparing for Future Pandemics: Stress Tests and Wargames 2020 I18, H12, H51, H84, G21
1436 Frank Milne, David Longworth Covid-19 and the Lack of Public Health and Government Preparation 2020 I18, H12, H51, H84, G21
1435 John Hartwick The Decomposition of a GDP Increase 2020
1434 John Hartwick The Translog Utility Function and the Tornqvist Quantity Index 2020 O47, E01
1433 Christopher Cotton, Brent R. Hickman, Joseph P. Price Affirmative Action, Shifting Competition, and Human Capital Accumulation: A Comparative Static Analysis of Investment Contests 2020 J15, J24, C93, D82, D44
1432 Christopher Ferrall Object Oriented (Dynamic) Programming: Replication, Innovation and "Structural" Estimation 2020 C63, C51, C54
1431 Fabrizio Iacone, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, A.M. Robert Taylor Semiparametric Tests for the Order of Integration in the Possible Presence of Level Breaks 2020 C22
1430 Ardyn Nordstrom, Christopher Cotton Impact of a Severe Drought on Education: More Schooling but Less Learning 2020 I25, Q54, O13, O15
1429 Samuel Brien, Michael Jansson, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Nearly Efficient Likelihood Ratio Tests of a Unit Root in an Autoregressive Model of Arbitrary Order 2020 C12, C22
1428 James G. MacKinnon, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Matthew D. Webb Testing for the appropriate level of clustering in linear regression models 2020 C15, C21, C23
1427 Brant Abbott, Robin Brace Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Wealth Inequality in the Survey of Consumer Finances? 2020 D31, E21