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1427 Brant Abbott, Robin Brace Does Consumption Inequality Mirror Wealth Inequality in the Survey of Consumer Finances? 2020 D31, E21
1426 Christopher Cotton, Jordan Nanowski, Ardyn Nordstrom, Eric Richert Can Community Information Campaigns Improve Girls’ Education? 2020 C93, I25, O15
1425 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Antoine L. Noël To infinity and beyond: Efficient computation of ARCH(\infty) models 2020 C22, C58, C63, C87
1424 Charles Beach, Frank Milne Ontario Post-Secondary Education Funding Policies: Perverse Incentives and Unintended Consequences 2019 H52, I22, I23
1423 Collin Brown, Jonathan Chiu, Thorsten V. Koeppl What Drives Bitcoin Fees? Using Segwit to Assess Bitcoin's Long-run Sustainability 2019 E42, G2
1422 Jason Allen, Robert Clark, Brent R. Hickman, Eric Richert Resolving Failed Banks: Uncertainty, Multiple Bidding & Auction Design 2019 G2, G21, G28, C57, E65
1421 James G. MacKinnon, Matthew D. Webb When and How to Deal With Clustered Errors in Regression Models 2019 C15, C21, C23
1420 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Won-Ki Seo, Dakyung Seong Inference on the dimension of the nonstationary subspace in functional time series 2020 C32
1419 Charles Beach, Aidan Worswick An Economic Model of the Distribution of Family Income in Canada 2019 D30, D31, J01, J30
1418 Beverly Lapham, Ayman Mnasri Exchange Rate Pass-Through: A Competitive Search Approach 2019 F31, O24, E58
1417 Gustavo Javier Canavire-Bacarreza, Christopher Cotton, Michael Jetter, Alejandra Montoya-Agudelo Polarized education levels and civil unrest 2019 D74, I24
1416 Steven Lehrer How skills and parental valuation of education influence human capital acquisition and early labor market return to human capital in Canada 2019 J24, I26, C38
1415 James G. MacKinnon, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Matthew D. Webb Wild Bootstrap and Asymptotic Inference with Multiway Clustering 2019 C15, C21, C23
1414 Marina Agranov, Christopher Cotton, Chloe Tergiman Persistence of Power: Repeated Multilateral Bargaining with Endogenous Agenda Setting Authority 2019 C78, D02, C92
1413 James G. MacKinnon How cluster-robust inference is changing applied econometrics 2019 C15, C21, C23
1412 Luca Corazzini, Christopher Cotton, Tommaso Reggiani Delegation and Coordination with Multiple Threshold Public Goods: Experimental Evidence 2019 C91, C92, H40, H41, L31
1411 Brant Abbott, Giovanni Gallipoli Permanent-Income Inequality 2019 E2, E21, D31, I24
1410 Raphael Boleslavsky, Bruce Carlin, Christopher Cotton Disincentive Effects of Evaluation 2019 D83, H43, O22
1409 Brittany Feor, Blair Long, Eric Richert Who Uses Commercial Lobbying Firms 2018 D72, D83, H11, P16
1408 Michael B. Devereux, Gregor W. Smith Commodity Currencies And Monetary Policy 2018 F31, F41, E52
1407 Charles Beach, Frank Milne Challenges To Higher Education In Canada And Australia 2018 A22, A23, H52, I22, I23
1406 David Roodman, James G. MacKinnon, Matthew D. Webb, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Fast And Wild: Bootstrap Inference In Stata Using Boottest 2018 C15, C21, C23, C25, C36
1405 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, S Johansen Nonstationary Cointegration In The Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model 2018 C32
1404 James G. MacKinnon, Matthew D. Webb Wild Bootstrap Randomization Inference For Few Treated Clusters 2018 C12, C21
1403 Jason Allen, Robert Clark, Jean-Francois Houde Search Frictions And Market Power In Negotiated Price Markets 2018 L13, L41, L71, D43, D83, G21