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1489 Jonathan Chiu, Thorsten V. Koeppl, Charles M. Kahn Grasping De(centralized) Fi(nance) through the Lens of Economic Theory 2022 G2
1488 James McNeil, Gregor W. Smith The All-Gap Phillips Curve 2022 C32, E31
1487 Alina Garnham, Derek G. Stacey Fighting for Fares: Uber and the Declining Market Price of Licensed Taxicabs 2022 G12
1486 Brant Abbott, Nam Phan Should wages be subsidized in a pandemic? 2022 E2, E32, J40
1485 James G. MacKinnon, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Matthew D. Webb Fast and Reliable Jackknife and Bootstrap Methods for Cluster-Robust Inference 2022 C10, C12, C21, C23
1484 Charles Beach Better Off or More Apart? Empirically Testing Welfare and Inequality Dominance Criteria 2022 C12, C46, D31, D63
1483 James G. MacKinnon, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Matthew D. Webb Leverage, Influence, and the Jackknife in Clustered Regression Models: Reliable Inference Using summclust 2022 C10, C12, C21, C23, C87
1482 James G. MacKinnon Using Large Samples in Econometrics 2022 C10, C12, C13, C55
1481 Allen Head, Timothy Kam, Sam Ng, Isaac Pan Money, Credit and Imperfect Competition Among Banks 2022 E41, E44, E51, E63, G21
1480 Pejman Bahramian Integration of wind power into an electricity system using pumped-storage: Economic challenges and stakeholder impacts 2021 O55, D61, Q42
1479 John Hartwick Solow Sustainablility with Varying Population Levels 2021 Q320
1477 Charles Beach A Nifty Fix for Published Distribution Statistics: Simplified Distribution-Free Statistical Inference 2021 C12, C46, D31, D63
1476 Samuel Brien Wealth Inequality, Uninsurable Entrepreneurial Risk and Firms Markup 2021 E22, E21, L12, O31, O33
1475 Robert Clark, Yiran Gong Why Do Some New Products Fail? Evidence from the Entry and Exit of Vanilla Coke 2021 L11, L13, L66, M31, M11
1474 Robert Clark, Christopher Anthony Fabiilli, Laura Lasio Collusion in the US Generic Drug Industry 2021 L41, L12, L13, D22, D43, K21, I18, L65
1473 Robert Clark, Ig Horstmann, Jean-Francois Houde Hub-and-spoke cartels: Theory and evidence from the grocery industry 2021 L41, L44, L12, L13, D22, L66
1472 Ardyn Nordstrom Can Interventions Targeting Community Attitudes Improve Education for Marginalized Students? Evidence from a Mixed-Methods Experimental Design in Zimbabwe 2021 I25, H43, C10
1471 Luca Corazzini, Christopher Cotton, Enrico Longo, Tommaso Reggiani The Gates Effect in Public Goods Experiments: How Donors Focus on the Recipients Favored by the Wealthy 2021 C91, C92, H40, H41, L31
1470 Raphael Boleslavsky, Bruce Carlin, Christopher Cotton A Model of Challenge Funds: How Funding Availability and Selection Rigor Affect Project Quality 2021 D83, O22, O35, H57, H83, H87, H43
1467 Christopher Ferrall Was Harold Zurcher Myopic After All? Replicating Rust's Engine Replacement Estimates 2021
1466 Charles Beach A Useful Empirical Tool Box for Distributional Analysis 2021 C12, C46, D31, D63
1465 James G. MacKinnon Fast cluster bootstrap methods for linear regression models 2021 C12, C15, C21, C23
1464 Alex Stomper, Marie-Louise Vierø Risk is Risk? 2017
1463 Saule Baurzhan, Glenn Jenkins, Godwin O. Olasehinde-Williams The Economic Performance of Hydropower Dams Supported by the World Bank Group, 1975–2015 2021 O10, O19, Q25, Q48
1462 Glenn Jenkins, Shahrzad Safaeimanesh Estimation of the Potential Economic Welfare Gains to SACU from Trade Facilitation 2021 D60, F14, O12, O24