Associating Content with Courses You Teach

You can now associate "user pages" and "events" with a course you are teaching.  Explanation follows:

Pages (syllabus, reading list, etc). 

Some instructors create documents for their courses as "user pages" on their qed profile.   Until now, those documents did not also appear on the course offering page.  Now you can create or edit a user page and associate it with an offered course.  It will then appear there as well as  your own user profile page.  (This does not apply to attaching a PDF file to the course. To do that yourself you have to become the owner of the course offering ...)

To link an existing page to a course:

  1.   log in to your qed profile: /user/login
  2.  Go to the course related user page you created earlier.
  3.   Below the title you should see "Edit" (if not someone else created the page for you ... ask to become the owner or have that person do this).
  4.   Click on "Edit" and scroll down near the bottom.  You will see a new field "Course Offering."  Start typing the course name "Econ XXX ..." in the box.  As you do existing course offerings will appear.  Find the one that you are teaching (currently no check that you are actually the instructor, so please select carefully!) 
  5.   Click "Save" at the bottom.  You can then go to the course offering page (might have to reload it).  You should see both the title and a "details" link that will display the whole document in place there.

If you want to create a new user page for a course, go here: /node/add/user_page

An example of a user page appearing on course: /about/courses/course-list/econ-815-macroeconomic-theory/econ-815-winter-2020

Also note that the page will include a link to the course offering at the bottom, so now Instructor - Pages - Courses are all interconnected.


You can also associate events with a course offering now just like workshop presentations.  The process is similar to the steps above except you create an event here: /node/add/event

However, remember that Events can appear on the homepage and other locations which you probably don't want to happen for a course event.  To prevent that from happening you should click "Internal" near the top of that creation page. It will still appear on some calendars. Then near the bottom of the creation page you will again see "Course Offering."  Do the same thing and SAVE.  The event will now appear on the course offering page.

Here is an example of events associated with a course offering:


Getting more control of course, workshops, events.

[October 2019]

When the website was set up it provided very limited ability for department members to create and modify content they were associated with.  In looking at ways people are using the site I have made changes so that it easier to use it in some ways.

First is the ability to link some content to a course you are teaching (the note above this one).

Next, members of the department now have the permission to edit all content that they "own" (the Drupal term is author not own).  But you don't own most content you are associated with.  However, staff and website administrators can transfer ownership of a content item to you and then you can edit it.  There are things you should not change about items such as a course you are teaching, the workshop you are organizing, etc.  But this makes it easier to attach files to pages or edit text of a page.

In addition, department members now have permission to create some types of content, including events, webforms, etc.   

To see what content your account has permission to create, go to /node/add.  
To ask for help with content, the best method is to fill out this simple form


Upcoming events calendar, feeds, etc.

[October 19]

News, events and calendars are still getting organized, but here is some help. 

  • The monthly calendar of events is still available here:

    However, the big "calendar" link under internal has been removed because a bug that has not been resolved yet.  There is a link to the monthly calendar at the top of the "internal page"  Or you can just bookmark that link and go directly to it.
  • If you use a RSS service, you can 'subscribe' to a feed that lists upcoming events and current news items. 
    The feed link is below, which you would point your RSS reader to (clicking on it a browser does not work).
  • Other ways to show upcoming events are being worked on.


Using External Teasers (links) on pages

If you create a "Page" or other types of content you will notice on the form the ability to add "External Teasers" to your page.  Those are simply links to other web content.  It could be to a different page on the QED website or a link to an external page.

You can use URL links in text like this to do the link.  The difference is that an external teaser will show the links you more like a menu.  And you can add an image to the teaser link which makes it look like other menu-page links on the QED website. Images are optional.

Click on the link below to watch a screenshot of how to add external teasers to a page: Screen Shot Tutorial of Adding External Teasers to a Page

Of course, you have to be logged in to your profile to create or edit pages.

User Pages Now Have Attachments

You can now attach files to user pages.  If you want to attach a file to an existing page, log into  your account, find the page and then click on Edit at the top.  Scroll down the form and near the bottom you will see the "File" section where you can upload files.  Links to the files will be displayed on the page when you save it.