Allen Head joined the Department of Economics at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 1991.  His general research fields are macro and monetary economics, with a particular emphasis on applications of search theory.  His current research focuses on the dynamics of house prices and construction, the affordability of housing, and the role of search in understanding growth and fluctuations in service-based economies.

Selected Publications
  • ``Heterogeneity, Frictional Assignment, and Home-Ownership'' (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis and Derek Stacey) International Economic Review 64(3) (August 2023) 1265-1308. 
  • ``Indebted Sellers, Liquidity and Mortgage Standards'' (with Hongfei Sun and Chenggang Zhou) European Economic Review 151 (January 2023) Article No. 104321 (31pp)  
  • ``Has Canadian House Price Growth Been Excessive?'', (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis) Canadian Journal of Economics 49(4) (November 2016) 1367-1400.
  • ``Search and the Dynamics of House Prices and Construction'', (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis and Hongfei Sun) American Economic Review 104(4) (April 2014) 1172-1210.
  • ``Housing Liquidity, Mobility and the Labour Market'', (with Huw Lloyd-Ellis) Review of Economic Studies 79(4) (October 2012) 1559-89.
  • ``Sticky Prices: A New Monetarist Approach'', (with Lucy Qian Liu, Guido Menzio and Randall Wright) Journal of the European Economic Association 10(5) (October 2012) 939-73.

Current & Upcoming Teaching