Huw's current research focuses primarily on frictions in housing markets and inequality, but he has previously published research on economic development, growth and inequality, fiscal policy and business cycles. He teaches macroeconomics and development economics at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Selected Publications
  • "Heterogeneity, Frictional Assignment and Homeownership" with Allen Head and Derek Stacey, QED Working Paper #1396, January 2018.
  • "Has Canadian House Price Growth been Excessive?" with Allen Head. Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 49 (4), November 2016, pp. 1367-1400.
  • "Search, liquidity and the dynamics of house prices and construction" with Allen Head and Amy Sun. American Economic Review, vol. 104 (4), April 2014, pp. 1172-1210.
  • "Implementation Cycles, Growth and the Labour Market" with Patrick Francois, B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics, July 2013.
  • “Housing Liquidity, Mobility and the Labour Market,” with Allen Head, Review of Economic Studies, vol. 79(4), October 2012, pp. 1559-1589.
  • "Schumpeterian Business Cycles with Pro-Cyclical R&D" with Patrick Francois, Review of Economic Dynamics, vol 12 (4), October 2009, pp. 567-591.

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