Recent Publications as of 2023:

Hartwick, John M. and Ngo Van Long (2018) “Sustainability with endogenous discounting when utility depends on consumption and amenities”, Mathematical. Social. Sciences. 95.  pp. 31-36.

Hartwick, John M. and Ngo Van Long (2019) “Sustainability with endogenous discounting” International Journal of Economic Theory, October

Hartwick, John M. (2020) Advanced Introduction to National Accounting, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Hartwick, John M. with Geir B. Asheim and Tapan Mitra, (2021), “Investment Rules and Time Invariance under Population Growth”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Elsevier, vol. 123(C).

Hartwick, John M. and Tapan Mitra (2020) “On Intertemporal Equity and Efficiency in a Model of Global Warming”, in Graciela Chichilnisky and Armon Rezai, Handbook on the Economics of Climate Change, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 326-396.

Hartwick, John M. (2021) Quantity Indices in the Construction of the GDP Series. Theoretical Economics Letters, 11, pp. 680-685.

Hartwick, John M. and Robert D. Cairns (2022) “Reconciling Hotelling Resource Models with Hotelling’s Accounting Methods”, The Energy Journal, 43, 5, September, pp. 117-138.

Hartwick, John M. and Geir B. Asheim  and Rintaro Yamaguchi (2023) “Sustainable Per Capita Consumption under Population Growth”, Resource and Energy Economics, 73, pp. 1-17.

Past Publications:

"Twenty Years On", Environment and Development Economics, 19, 3, 2014, pp. 285-87

"Basic Economics of Non-renewable Resource Use", In Robert Halvorsen and David F. Layon, eds. Hand book on the Econimcs of Natural Resources, Cheltanham: elgar 2015, pp 3-23

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