Ian completed his PhD at the University of British Columbia in 1999, before working as a post-doctoral research fellow at McGill University for two years.  He started at Queen's in 2000, and he has been a visiting professor at Yale University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder.  His research focuses on North American economic history, environmental and natural resource economics, and law and economics.  His papers cover diverse topics, including induced technological change, natural resource-led growth, 17th century whaling, trade policy responses to globalization, and the economic effects of Indigenous land claim settlements.  At Queen's Ian has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on North American and international economic history, and environmental and ecological economics. 

Selected Publications
  • “Trade Protection for Maturing Industries: Canadian Trade Patterns and Trade Policy, 1870-1913,” Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming.
  • "Responding to the First Era of Globalization: Canadian Trade Policy, 1870-1913," with Patrick Alexander, Journal of Economic History, September 2019, 79:3, 826-61.
  • “Cliometrics and the Study of Canadian Economic History,” with Frank Lewis, Handbook of Cliometrics, Vol. 2, 2019, Claude Diebolt and Michael Haupert (Eds.), Springer-Verlag: Berlin.
  • "A General Equilibrium Analysis of Canada's National Policy," with Patrick Alexander, Explorations in Economic History, April 2018, 68:1, 1-15.
  • "Contributions to Canadian Economic History – The Last Thirty Years," with Gillian Hamilton and Frank Lewis, Canadian Journal of Economics, December 2017, 50:5, 1632-57.