Beverly Lapham has been a professor in the Department of Economics at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario since 1989.  Her research fields include international trade, international finance, industrial organization, and macroeconomics.  She is particularly interested in issues on exchange rate pass-through, the impact of international price differences, cross-border shopping, retail and service industry adjustments, and the productivity effects of international trade.  She has been a co-editor of the Canadian Journal of Economics and an associate editor of the Journal of International Economics.  She has been a member of the Institute for Research on Public Policy Trade Advisory Committee and the Statistics Canada International Trade Advisory Committee.

Selected Publications
  • "A Competitive Search Approach to Exchange Rate Pass-Through," with Ayman Mnasri, Economic Theory, 76, July 2023, 153-201.
  • "An Empirical Examination of the Effect of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions on Canadian's Cross Border Travel and Canadian Retailers," with Jen Baggs and Loretta Fung, Canadian Public Policy, 48(1), March 2022, 162-185.
  • "Exchange Rates, Cross-Border Travel, and Retailers: Theory and Empirics," with Jen Baggs and Loretta Fung, Journal of International Economics, 115, November 2018, 59-79.
  • "The Canadian Border and the US Dollar: The Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on US Retailers," with Zhe Chen and Michael B. Devereux, Canadian Journal of Economics, 50(5), December 2017, 1525-1555.
  • "International Trade with Firm Heterogeneity: Theoretical Developments and Policy Implications," in Redesigning Canadian Trade Policies for New Global Realities, The Art of the State Series, Vol. VI, Institute for Research on Public Policy, 2017, 39-76.
  • "Firm Dynamics in Retail Trade:  The Response of Canadian Retailers to Exchange Rate Shocks," with Jen Baggs, Eugene Beaulieu, and Loretta Fung, Review of International Economics, 24(3), August 2016, 635-66.
  • "Firms in International Trade: Trade Policy Implications of the New New Trade Theory," with Dan Ciuriak, Robert Wolfe, (with Terry Collins-Williams and John Curtis), Global Policy, 6(2), May 2015, 130-140.
  • "Productivity and the Decision to Import and Export: Theory and Evidence," with Hiroyuki Kasahara, Journal of International Economics, 89(2), March 2013, 297-316.

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