Selected Publications

Hashemi, M., Jenkins, G., & Milne, F. (2023). Rooftop solar with net metering: An integrated investment appraisal. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews188, 113803. (Link)


Hashemi, M., Jenkins, G. P. (2022). Can privatization of distribution substations improve electricity reliability for non-residential customers? An application to Nepal. Utilities Policy (Link)


Hashemi, M. (2021). The economic value of unsupplied electricity: Evidence from Nepal. Energy Economics (Link)


Hashemi, M., Jenkins, G. P., Jyoti, R., & Ozbafli, A. (2018). Evaluating the cost to industry of electricity outages. Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy (Link)


Nazari Chamaki, F., Jenkins, G. P., & Hashemi, M. (2019). Social impact bonds: Implementation, evaluation, and monitoring. International Journal of Public Administration (Link)

Current & Upcoming Teaching