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1168 Optimal Tax Design And Enforcement With An Informal Sector 2008
1167 Pigouvian Taxation In A Ramsey World 2008
1166 The Inside Scoop: Acceptance And Rejection At The Journal Of International Economics 2008
1165 Explaining And Forecasting Results Of The Self-sufficiency Project 2008
1164 Are Sunnier Cities Denser? 2007
1163 Oil Stock Discovery And Dutch Disease 2008
1162 The Multinomial Option Pricing Model And Its Brownian And Poisson Limits 1990
1161 Encephalization And Division Of Labor By Early Humans 2007
1160 Costly External Finance And Investment Efficiency In A Market Equilibrium Model 2008
1159 Option Pricing With V. G. Martingale Components 1991
1158 Contingent Claims Valued And Hedged By Pricing And Investing In A Basis 1994
1157 Bootstrap Inference In A Linear Equation Estimated By Instrumental Variables 2008
1156 Empirical Likelihood Block Bootstrapping 2008
1155 Us Inflation Dynamics 1981-2007: 13,193 Quarterly Observations 2008
1154 Grants Or Loans? Theoretical Issues Regarding Access And Persistence In Postsecondary Education 2007
1153 Nonparametric Identification And Estimation Of Multivariate Mixtures 2007
1152 Elastic Money, Inflation, And Interest Rate Policy 2007
1151 Is Protection Really For Sale? A Survey And Directions For Future Research 2007
1150 The Poor, The Rich And The Enforcer: Institutional Choice And Growth 2007
1149 Investment Complementarities, Coordination Failure And Systemic Bankruptcy 2007
1148 The Role Of Large Players In A Dynamic Currency Attack Game 2007
1147 Coordination Failure In Technological Progress, Economic Growth And Volatility 2007
1146 Banking, Inside Money And Outside Money 2007
1145 Private Money And Bank Runs 2007
1144 The Curse Of Irving Fisher (professional Forecasters' Version) 2007
1142 Lost In Transition: The Costs And Consequences Of Sectoral Labour Adjustment 2007
1141 The Dynamics Of Sectoral Labour Adjustment 2007
1140 Great Moderation(s) And U.s. Interest Rates: Unconditional Evidence 2007
1139 Declining Exhaustible Resource Rent With Small, Distinct Extractive Firms 2007
1138 Financial Market Integration And World Economic Stabilization Toward Purchasing Power Parity 2007
1137 Empirical Analysis Of Career Transitions Of Sciences And Engineering Doctorates In The Us 2007
1136 Counterparty Risk In Insurance Contracts: Should The Insured Worry About The Insurer? 2007
1135 Wild Bootstrap Tests For Iv Regression 2007
1134 Cost-benefit Analysis Case Study On Regulations To Lower The Level Of Sulphur In Gasoline 2007
1133 The Economic Opportunity Cost Of Capital For Canada - An Empirical Update 2007
1132 A Quantile Based Test Of Protection For Sale Model 2007
1131 Credit Risk Transfer: To Sell Or To Insure 2007
1130 Female Labor Force Participation In An Era Of Organizational And Technological Change 2007
1129 Pooling Forecasts In Linear Rational Expectations Models 2007
1128 The Leader As Catalyst: On Leadership And The Mechanics Of Institutional Change 2007
1127 Bootstrap Hypothesis Testing 2007
1126 Improvement In Finite Sample Properties Of The Hansen-jagannathan Distance Test 2007
1125 You Can Take It With You! The Returns To Foreign Human Capital Of Male Temporary Foreign Workers 2007
1123 Incidence Of The Wto Anti-discrimination Rules On Corporation Income Taxation 2007
1122 Covariance-based Orthogonality Tests For Regressors With Unknown Persistence 2007
1121 The Reform Of Equalization Payments 2007
1120 Industry Restructuring, Mark-ups, And Exchange Rate Pass-through 2006
1119 How To Take An Exam If You Must: Decision Under Deadline 2006
1118 Bayesian Estimation Of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models 2006
1116 Long-run Inequality And Annual Instability Of Men's And Women's Earnings In Canada 2006