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1306 John Hartwick Higher Quality Exhaustible Resource Deposits Receiving Higher Or Lower Resource Rents In A Simple Spatial Framework 2012 D490, Q310, D210
1305 John Hartwick Benefit Charges For Firms And Households For Maintenance Of The Legal System 2013 H410, H190, H290, L23
1304 John Hartwick The Law Of Urban Growth And The Local Public Sector 2013 R230, H400, F430
1303 Edi Karni, Marie-Louise Vierø Probabilistic Sophistication And Reverse Bayesianism 2013 D8, D81, D83
1302 Pier-Andre Bouchard St-Amant University Funding Policies: Buildings Or Citizens? 2013 H52, I23, I28
1301 Pier-Andre Bouchard St-Amant Externalities Social Value And Word Of Mouth 2013 D83, D85
1300 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, S Johansen The Role Of Initial Values In Conditional Sum-of-squares Estimation Of Nonstationary Fractional Time Series Models 2012 C22
1299 Tian Xie Least Squares Model Averaging By Prediction Criterion 2012 C52, C53, O40
1298 Arthur Sweetman, Matthew D. Webb, Casey Warman How Targeted Is Targeted Tax Relief? Evidence From The Unemployment Insurance Youth Hires Program 2014 J64, J65, J68, C12
1297 H. Peter Boswijk, Michael Jansson, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Improved Likelihood Ratio Tests For Cointegration Rank In The Var Model 2012 C12, C32
1296 Frank Milne Economic Crises: The Impact On Australia And Canada 2012 G01, G10, H30, H60
1295 Bent Jesper Christensen, Jie Zhu, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen The Impact Of Financial Crises On The Risk-return Tradeoff And The Leverage Effect 2012 C22, G01
1294 John Sim, Pascal Courty What Is The Cost Of Retaining And Attracting Exceptional Talents? Evidence From The Canada Research Chair Program 2012 J3, J23
1293 Pier-Andre Bouchard St-Amant Getting The Right Spin: A Theory Of Value Of Social Networks 2012 D83, D85
1292 Arthur Sweetman, Casey Warman The Structure Of Canada`s Immigration System And Canadian Labour Market Outcomes 2012 J15, J24, J31, J61, J62
1291 Tao Wang Dynamic Equilibrium Bunching 2011 C73, D82, G01
1290 Nicolas-Guillaume Martineau, Gregor W. Smith Identifying Fiscal Policy (in)effectiveness From The Differential Counter-cyclicality Of Government Spending In The Interwar Period 2014 E32, E65, N10
1289 Derek G. Stacey Information, Commitment, And Separation In Illiquid Housing Markets 2012 D40, D44, D83, R31
1288 Sharun Mukand, Sanjay Jain, Sumon Majumdar Walk The Line: Conflict, State Capacity And The Political Dynamics Of Reform 2011 D72, O20, P16
1287 David Albouy, Fernando Leibovici, Casey Warman Quality Of Life, Firm Productivity, And The Value Of Amenities Across Canadian Cities 2012 H24, H5, H77, J61, R1
1286 Marco Cozzi Risk Aversion Heterogeneity, Risky Jobs And Wealth Inequality 2012 E21, D52, D58, C68
1285 Christopher Worswick, James Ted McDonald, Casey Warman Immigrant Selection Systems And Occupational Outcomes Of International Medical Graduates In Canada And The United States 2011 J24, J31, J61, J62, J71, J80
1284 Hasan U. Altiok, Glenn Jenkins The Fiscal Burden Of The Legacy Of The Civil Service Pension Systems In Northern Cyprus 2011 H55, H68
1283 Jan Zabojnik Subjective Evaluations With Performance Feedback 2011 D82, D86, M52
1282 James Bergin Patent Length, Investment And Social Welfare 2011 D61, D64, O31, O34