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1014 Hiroyuki Kasahara Technology Adoption Under Relative Factor Price Uncertainty: The Putty-clay Investment Model 2003
1013 Dan Usher Testing The Citizen-candidate Model 2003
1012 Jeffrey Smith, Jeremy Lise, Shannon N. Seitz Equilibrium Policy Experiments And The Evaluation Of Social Programs 2003
1011 Dan Usher The Marginal Cost Of Public Funds Is The Ratio Of Mean Income To Median Income 2002
1010 Stefan Dodds Privacy And Endogenous Monitoring Choice When Private Information Is A Public Good 2002
1009 Shannon N. Seitz Accounting For Racial Differences In Marriage And Employment 2002
1008 Christopher Ferrall Estimation And Inference In Social Experiments 2002
1007 Audra J. Bowlus, Shannon N. Seitz Domestic Violence, Employment And Divorce 2002
1006 Robin Boadway, Masayoshi Hayashi An Evaluation Of The Risk-sharing Function Of Equalization In Canada 2002
1005 Robin Boadway, Pierre Pestieau Indirect Taxation And Redistribution: The Scope Of The Atkinson-stiglitz Theorem 2002
1004 Robin Boadway, Manuel Leite-Monteiro, Maurice Marchand, Pierre Pestieau Social Insurance And Redistribution 2002
1003 Angela Redish, Ian Keay Financial Markets And Twentieth Century Industrialization: Evidence From U.s. And Canadian Steel Producers 2002
1002 Ian Keay An Empty Promise: Average Cost Savings And Scale Economies Among Canadian And American Manufacturers, 1910-1998 2001
1001 Dan Usher Mysterious Bargaining 2001
1000 Emmanuel Flachaire, Russell Davidson The Wild Bootstrap, Tamed At Last 2001
999 Oana Secrieru Tax Competition And Tax Harmonisation In An Urban Context 2001
998 Bagala Biswal, Raghbendra Jha, Urvashi D. Biswal An Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Public Expenditures On Education And Health On Poverty In Indian States 2001
997 Ryan Davies Registered Trader Participation During The Toronto Stock Exchange's Pre-opening Session 2000
996 Yukihiro Nishimura Tax Implementability Of Fair Allocations 2000
995 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Improving The Reliability Of Bootstrap Tests 2000
994 Dan Bernhardt, Ryan Davies, John Spicer Long-term Information, Short-lived Derivative Securities 2000
993 Allen Head, Shouyong Shi A Fundamental Theory Of Exchange Rates And Direct Currency Trades 2000
992 Yukihiro Nishimura Optimal Commodity Taxation For Reduction Of Envy 2000
991 Yukihiro Nishimura Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation For Reduction Of Envy 2000
990 Melanie Cao, Shouyong Shi Publicity And The Clustering Of Ipo Underpricing 1999
989 Melanie Cao, Shouyong Shi Screening, Bidding, And The Loan Market Tightness 1999
988 Shouyong Shi Frictional Assignment 1998
987 Shouyong Shi Unskilled Workers In An Economy With Skill-biased Technology 1999
986 Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff, Nicolas Marceau Inter-jurisdictional Competition For Firms: Jobs As Vehicles For Redistribution 1999
985 Dan Usher Personal Goods, Efficiency And The Law 1999
984 Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff, Maurice Marchand Optimal Income Taxation With Quasi-linear Preferences Revisited 1999
983 Robin Boadway, Michael Keen Redistribution 1999
982 Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff Monitoring Job Search As An Instrument For Targeting Transfers 1999
981 James Bergin, Dan Bernhardt Comparative Dynamics 1999
980 Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff A Minimum Wage Can Be Welfare-improving And Employment-enhancing 1999
979 John Hartwick Loan-monitoring And Deposit-servicing By Commercial Banks In A Stationary Environment 1999
978 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Artificial Regressions 1999
977 Dan Usher Public Provision Of Indivisible Private Goods In Short Supply 1998
976 Parimal Kanti Bag, Emim Murat Dinlersoz, Ruqu Wang More On Phantom Bidding 1998
975 Alan Gunderson, Ruqu Wang Signally By Jump Bidding In Private Value Auctions 1998
974 James Bergin Common Knowledge With Monotone Statistics 1998
973 Allan Gregory, Alfred Haug Conflicts Among Tests For Cointegration 1998
972 Shouyong Shi Product Market And The Size-wage Differential 1998
971 Shouyong Shi Search, Inflation, And Capital Accumulation 1998
970 Dan Usher The Justification Of Private Property 1998
969 Dan Usher The Colour Of The Judge's Eyes: Efficiency As A Criterion For The Legislature And For The Courts 1998
968 Katherine Cuff Optimality Of Workfare With Heterogeneous Preferences 1998
967 Shouyong Shi Tariffs, Unemployment, And The Current Account: An Intertemporal Equilibrium Model 1997
966 Shi Shouyong Search For A Monetary Propagation Mechanism 1997
961 Melanie Cao Equilibrium Valuation Of Options On The Market Portfolio With Stochastic Volatility And Return Predictability 1997