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1231 Ann Carlos, Frank D. Lewis Resources, Trade, And The Aboriginal Population: Lessons From The 1780s Smallpox Epidemic In The Hudson Bay Region 2009 N31, N51, J11
1230 Alexander Armstrong, Frank D. Lewis Capital Constraints And European Migration To Canada: Evidence From The 1920s Passenger Lists 2009 N32, J61
1229 Michael Huberman, Frank D. Lewis Bend It Like Beckham: Hours And Wages Across Forty-eight Countries In 1900 2007 N31, J32
1228 Alex Stomper, Marie-Louise Vierø Iterated Expectations Under Rank-dependent Expected Utility And Model Consistency 2015 D80, D84
1227 James G. MacKinnon Critical Values For Cointegration Tests 2010 C16, C22, C32, C12, C15
1226 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Per Houmann Frederiksen Fully Modified Narrow-band Least Squares Estimation Of Weak Fractional Cointegration 2009 C22
1225 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Per Houmann Frederiksen Finite Sample Accuracy Of Integrated Volatility Estimators 2005 C15, C22
1224 Michael Jansson, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Nearly Efficient Likelihood Ratio Tests For Seasonal Unit Roots 2009 C12, C22
1223 John Hartwick Son To Father Reciprocity And Encephalization In Early Humans 2009 J100, J120, J220
1222 Cyril Monnet, Ted Temzelides, Thorsten V. Koeppl Optimal Clearing Arrangements For Financial Trades 2009 G14, G23, E42
1221 John Hartwick "reverse" Intergovernmental Transfers Between Regions With Local Public Goods 2009 H410, H770, R280
1220 Kirk Hamilton, John Hartwick Oil Stock Discovery And Dutch Disease 2009 F430, Q330, Q320
1219 Frances Woolley, Am Lafrance, Casey Warman Sexual Identity And The Marriage Premium 2009 J12, J16, J31
1218 Frank S. Nielsen, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Per Houmann Frederiksen Local Polynomial Whittle Estimation Of Perturbed Fractional Processes 2009 C22
1217 Nazim Belhocine The Embodiment Of Intangible Investment Goods: A Q-theory Approach 2008 E22, E44, O47, G31, J31, J44
1216 Nazim Belhocine The Stock Of Intangible Capital In Canada: Evidence From The Aggregate Value Of Securities 2008 E22, E44, G12, G31, O16
1215 Nazim Belhocine Treating Intangible Inputs As Investment Goods: The Impact On Canadian Gdp 2008 O47, O33, E22
1213 Michael Jansson, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Nearly Efficient Likelihood Ratio Tests Of The Unit Root Hypothesis 2009 C12, C22
1212 Marie-Louise Vierø Bait Contracts 2009 D82, D80, D86, D86
1211 Frank S. Nielsen, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Niels Haldrup A Vector Autoregressive Model For Electricity Prices Subject To Long Memory And Regime Switching 2009 C32
1210 Dan Usher Why The Legal System Is Not Necessarily Less Efficient Than The Income Tax In Redistributing Income 2011 K13, K34, H21, H26
1209 Oleh Havrylyshyn Is The Transition Over? 2009 F15, N10, N14, O11, P2
1208 Dan Usher Bargaining Unexplained 2009 C7
1207 Bent Jesper Christensen, Jie Zhu, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Long Memory In Stock Market Volatility And The Volatility-in-mean Effect: The Fiegarch-m Model 2009 C22
1206 Robin Boadway, Michael Keen Theoretical Perspectives On Resource Tax Design 2009 H25, Q38