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1221 John Hartwick "reverse" Intergovernmental Transfers Between Regions With Local Public Goods 2009
1220 Kirk Hamilton, John Hartwick Oil Stock Discovery And Dutch Disease 2009
1219 Frances Woolley, Am Lafrance, Casey Warman Sexual Identity And The Marriage Premium 2009
1218 Frank S. Nielsen, Morten Ø. Nielsen, Per Houmann Frederiksen Local Polynomial Whittle Estimation Of Perturbed Fractional Processes 2009
1217 Nazim Belhocine The Embodiment Of Intangible Investment Goods: A Q-theory Approach 2008
1216 Nazim Belhocine The Stock Of Intangible Capital In Canada: Evidence From The Aggregate Value Of Securities 2008
1215 Nazim Belhocine Treating Intangible Inputs As Investment Goods: The Impact On Canadian Gdp 2008
1213 Michael Jansson, Morten Ø. Nielsen Nearly Efficient Likelihood Ratio Tests Of The Unit Root Hypothesis 2009
1212 Marie-Louise Vierø Bait Contracts 2009
1211 Frank S. Nielsen, Morten Ø. Nielsen, Niels Haldrup A Vector Autoregressive Model For Electricity Prices Subject To Long Memory And Regime Switching 2009
1210 Dan Usher Why The Legal System Is Not Necessarily Less Efficient Than The Income Tax In Redistributing Income 2011
1209 Oleh Havrylyshyn Is The Transition Over? 2009
1208 Dan Usher Bargaining Unexplained 2009
1207 Bent Jesper Christensen, Jie Zhu, Morten Ø. Nielsen Long Memory In Stock Market Volatility And The Volatility-in-mean Effect: The Fiegarch-m Model 2009
1206 Robin Boadway, Michael Keen Theoretical Perspectives On Resource Tax Design 2009
1205 Robin Boadway, Jean-Francois Tremblay, Zhen Song The Efficiency Of Voluntary Pollution Abatement When Countries Can Commit 2009
1204 Glenn Jenkins, Andrey Klevchuk, Armin Zeinali Infrastructure Choices In Education: Location, Build Or Repair 2009
1203 D. N. S. Dhakal, Glenn Jenkins Power Purchase Agreements For Risk And Rent Sharing In Himalayian Hydropower Developments 2008
1202 Christopher Worswick, Casey Warman Mandatory Retirement Rules And The Retirement Decisions Of University Professors In Canada 2009
1201 Andrew Ching, Susumu Imai, Masakazu Ishihara, Neelam Jain A Practitioner's Guide To Bayesian Estimation Of
Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Models
1200 Christopher Ferrall, Kjell G. Salvanes, Erik S Wages And Seniority When Coworkers Matter: Estimating A Joint Production Economy Using Norwegian Administrative Data 2009
1199 John Hartwick A 3.8% Discount Rate? 2009
1198 Andrea Craig, Marie-Louise Vierø Academia Or The Private Sector? Sorting Of Agents Into Institutions And An Outside Sector 2008
1197 Allen Head, Huw Lloyd-Ellis Housing Liquidity, Mobility, And The Labour Market 2011
1196 Sharun Mukand, Sanjay Jain, Sumon Majumdar Workers Without Borders? Culture, Migration And The Political Limits To Globalization 2008
1195 James Yetman, Gregor W. Smith Consumption And Real Exchange Rates In Professional Forecasts 2009
1194 Christopher Ferrall, Natalia Mishagina Should I Stay Or Should I Go ... North? First Job Location Of U.s. Trained Doctorates 1957-2005 2009
1193 Jan Zabojnik Promotion Tournaments In Market Equilibrium 2008
1192 Hiroyuki Kasahara, Katsumi Shimotsu Sequential Estimation Of Structural Models With A Fixed Point Constraint 2008
1191 John Hartwick The Discount Rate And The Value Of Remaining Years Of Life 2008
1190 Michael Brolley, John Hartwick Sunnier, Denser And More Productive Cities 2008
1189 Morten Ø. Nielsen, Per Houmann Frederiksen Finite Sample Comparison Of Parametric, Semiparametric, And Wavelet Estimators Of Fractional Integration 2005
1188 Bent Jesper Christensen, Morten Ø. Nielsen, Thomas Busch The Information Content Of Treasury Bond Options Concerning Future Volatility And Price Jumps 2006
1187 Bent Jesper Christensen, Morten Ø. Nielsen, Thomas Busch Forecasting Exchange Rate Volatility In The Presence Of Jumps 2005
1186 Bent Jesper Christensen, Morten Ø. Nielsen The Implied-realized Volatility Relation With Jumps In Underlying Asset Prices 2005
1185 Morten Ø. Nielsen A Powerful Test Of The Autoregressive Unit Root Hypothesis Based On A Tuning Parameter Free Statistic 2008
1184 Jun Zhang Simultaneous Signaling In Elimination Contests 2008
1183 Rokon Bhuiyan Monetary Transmission Mechanism In A Small Open Economy: A Bayesian Structural Var Approach 2008
1182 Demet Beton, Glenn Jenkins Migration From Turkey And The Uncertainty Of The Accession Of Turkey To The Eu 2008
1181 Bent Jesper Christensen, Morten Ø. Nielsen, Thomas Busch The Role Of Implied Volatility In Forecasting Future Realized Volatility And Jumps In Foreign Exchange, Stock, And Bond Markets 2008
1180 Brooks A. Kaiser, Marina E. Adshade The Origins Of The Institutions Of Marriage 2008
1179 Yukihiro Nishimura Fair Collective Choice Rules: Their Origin And Relationship 2008
1178 Yukihiro Nishimura Envy Minimization In The Optimal Tax Context 2008
1177 Yukihiro Nishimura A Lindahl Solution To International Emissions Trading 2008
1176 Ian Keay Resource Intensive Production And Aggregate Economic Performance 2008
1175 Morten Ø. Nielsen A Powerful Tuning Parameter Free Test Of The Autoregressive Unit Root Hypothesis 2008
1174 Morten Ø. Nielsen Nonparametric Cointegration Analysis Of Fractional Systems With Unknown Integration Orders 2008
1173 Tim Bollerslev, Morten Ø. Nielsen, Per Houmann Frederiksen, Torben G. Andersen Continuous-time Models, Realized Volatilities, And Testable Distributional Implications For Daily Stock Returns 2008
1172 Morten Ø. Nielsen, S Johansen Likelihood Inference For A Nonstationary Fractional Autoregressive Model 2009
1171 Morten Ø. Nielsen, Per Houmann Frederiksen Fully Modified Narrow-band Least Squares Estimation Of Stationary Fractional Cointegration 2008