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950 Growth And The Standard Of Living In A Pioneer Economy: Upper Canada, 1826 To 1851 1997
948 Standardized Mortality Ratios In Capitation Funding Models: Emiprical Issues From Canadian Data 1997
939 The Existence Of Equilibrium In A Financial Market With General Personal And Corporate Tax Structures 1996
935 Industry Dynamics Over The Business Cycles 1996
934 The Existence Of Equilibrium In A Financial Market With Transaction Costs 1996
932 The Size And Power Of Bootstrap Tests 1996
931 Common And Country-specific Fluctuations In Productivity, Investment, And The Current Account 1996
929 A Theory Of Gender Discrimination Based On The Household 1996
927 Riding Free On The Signals Of Others 1995
926 Roller Coastering Up And Down The Demand Curve Of A Durable Goods Monopolist 1995
925 Scab Labor 1995
923 Sources Of Variation In International Real Interest Rates 1995
919 Approximate Bias Correction In Econometrics 1995
918 Numerical Distribution Functions For Unit Root And Cointegration Tests 1995
917 Credit And Money In A Search Model With Divisible Commodities 1995
915 Efficiency And The Fiscal Gap In Federal Systems 1994
914 Dynamic Specification And Testing For Unit Roots And Co-integration 1994
911 Trigger Strategies And The Cyclicality Of Markups 1994
908 Incentives, Team Production, Transaction Costs, And The Optimal Contract: Estimates Of An Agency Model Using Payroll Records 1994
902 Measuring World Business Cycles 1994
901 Measuring Business Cycles With Business-cycle Models 1994
895 Testing Dividend Signalling Models 1994
892 Coherent Belief Revision And Equilibrium Selection In Games 1993
891 Providing Public School Education In Developing Countries: A Theoretical Analysis 1993
882 A Dynamic Model Of Trade Union Contract Duration 1993
867 The Existence Of Equilibrium And The Objective Function Of The Firm 1992
862 Residual-based Tests For Cointegration In Models With Regime Shifts 1992
844 Exhaustible Resources In An Overlapping Generations Economy 1991
827 Testing For Structural Breaks 1991