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1115 Impacts Of The Point System And Immigration Policy Levers On Skill Characteristics Of Canadian Immigrants 2006
1114 Protection For Sale Or Surge Protection? 2006
1113 Takeovers And Cooperatives 2006
1112 Voluntary Adoption Of Corporate Governance Mechanisms 2006
1111 Taxation And Transaction Costs In A General Equilibrium Asset Economy 2006
1110 Managerial Capital And The Market For Ceos 2006
1109 Disobedience And Authority 2006
1108 A Rent Extraction View Of Employee Discounts And Benefits 2006
1107 Work-related Perks, Agency Problems, And Optimal Incentive Contracts 2006
1106 Contracting In Vague Environments 2006
1105 Enrollment Responses To Labour Market Conditions: A Study Of The Canadian Market For Scientists And Engineers 2006
1104 How Important Is Money In The Conduct Of Monetary Policy? 2006
1103 Enabling The Visible Hand 2006
1102 Intrinsic Business Cycles With Pro-cyclical R&d 2006
1101 Simple (but Effective) Tests Of Long Memory Versus Structural Breaks 2006
1100 Market Conditions And Worker Training: How Does It Affect And Whom? 2006
1099 The Evolution Of Male-female Wages Differentials In Canadian Universities: 1970-2001 2006
1098 Optimal Disability Assistance When Fraud And Stigma Matter 2006
1097 A Cost-benefit Analysis Of An Olympic Games 2006
1096 The Control Of Land Rent In The Fortified Farming Town 2006
1095 The Quadratic Oil Extraction Oligopoly 2006
1094 Exactly What Happens After The Anscombe-aumann Race? Representing Preferences In Vague Environments 2006
1093 Cultural Nationalism: The Last Resort Of Scoundrels 2006
1092 Nonparametric Identification And Estimation Of Finite Mixture Models Of Dynamic Discrete Choices 2006
1091 Size Matters: Covariance Matrix Estimation Under The Alternative 2005
1090 Growth, Cycles And Welfare: A Schumpeterian Perspective 2006
1089 Market Power, Price Adjustment, And Inflation 2006
1088 Regulation And Taxation Of Casinos Under State-monopoly, Private Monopoly And Casino Association Regimes 2006
1087 Wicksell At The Bank Of Canada 2006
1086 The Spectre Of Deflation: A Review Of Empirical Evidence 2006
1085 Moments Of Iv And Jive Estimators 2006
1083 Japan's Phillips Curve Looks Like Japan 2006
1082 A General Equilibrium Financial Asset Economy With Transaction Costs And Trading Constraints 2003
1081 Incomplete Diversification And Asset Pricing 2002
1080 The Australian Universities: A Study In Public Policy Failure 2001
1079 Imperfect Competition And Corporate Governance 2006
1078 Externalities, Monopoly And The Objective Function Of The Firm 2005
1077 Core Inflation At The Bank Of Canada: A Critique 2006
1076 Equilibrium Policy Experiments And The Evaluation Of Social Programs 2005
1074 Evaluating Search And Matching Models Using Experimental Data 2006
1073 Optimal Marginal And Average Income Taxation Under Maxi-min 2006
1072 A Theory Of Vertical Fiscal Imbalance 2006
1071 Tagging And Redistributive Taxation 2006
1070 Bureaucratic Advice And Political Governance 2006
1069 Entrepreneurship And Asymmetric Information In Input Markets 2006
1068 Optimal Taxation With Consumption Time As A Leisure Or Labor Substitute 2006
1067 Commitment And Matching Contributions To Public Goods 2006
1066 The Opportunity Cost Of Electricity Outages And Privatization Of Substations In Nepal 2006
1065 Should The Samuelson Rule Be Modified To Account For The Marginal Cost Of Public Funds? 2006
1064 Import Protection As Export Destruction 2006