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# Sort ascending Author(s) Title Year JEL Codes
1281 John Hartwick Higher Quality Exhaustible Resource Deposits Receiving Higher Or Lower Resource Rents In A Simple Spatial Framework 2011 D490, Q310, D210
1280 John Hartwick New Product Introduction And Market Evolution 2011 O310, L190, M390
1279 Dan Usher Campaign Advertising, Redistribution And The Gap Between Incomes Of Rich And Poor 2011 D63, D83, H26
1278 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Bootstrap Confidence Sets With Weak Instruments 2012 C10, C15
1277 Marco Cozzi Equilibrium Heterogeneous-agent Models As Measurement Tools: Some Monte Carlo Evidence 2013 C15, C54, C68, D52
1276 Allen Head, Amy Hongfei Sun, Huw Lloyd-Ellis Search, Liquidity And The Dynamics Of House Prices And Construction 2012 E30, R31, R10
1275 Susumu Imai, Derek G. Stacey, Casey Warman From Engineer To Taxi Driver? Occupational Skills And The Economic Outcomes Of Immigrants 2011 J24, J31, J61, J71, J80, J62, D83
1274 Ian Keay The Impact Of Commodity Price Volatility On Resource Intensive Economies 2010 O13, Q23, Q32
1273 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Lealand Morin Fcvarmodel.m: A Matlab Software Package For Estimation And Testing In The Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model 2014 C22, C32
1272 Marco Cozzi Optimal Unemployment Insurance In Ge: A Robustcalibration Approach 2011 E21, D52, D58
1271 Arthur Sweetman, Gustave Goldmann, Casey Warman The Portability Of New Immigrants 2011 J24, J61, J62
1270 Marco Cozzi Precautionary Savings And Wealth Inequality: A Global Sensitivity Analysis 2011 E21, D52, D58
1269 Derek G. Stacey Tenure Insecurity, Adverse Selection, And Liquidity In Rural Land Markets 2011 D83, Q15, D23, R23
1268 James G. MacKinnon Thirty Years Of Heteroskedasticity-robust Inference 2012 C12, C15, C20
1267 Jonathan Chiu, Thorsten V. Koeppl Trading Dynamics With Adverse Selection And Search: Market Freeze, Intervention And Recovery 2011 G1, E6
1266 Dan Usher What Exactly Is A Duty To Vote ? 2011 D72
1265 Dan Usher Three Stories About The Chance Of Casting A Pivotal Vote 2011 D72
1264 Guido Menzio, Amy Hongfei Sun, Shouyong Shi A Monetary Theory With Non-degenerate Distributions 2011 E00, E4, C6
1263 Dan Ciuriak, Terry Collins-Williams, John M. Curtis, Beverly Lapham, Robert Wolfe New-new Trade Policy 2011 F00, F10, F12, F13
1262 Amy Hongfei Sun Monetary And Fiscal Policies In A Heterogeneous-agent Economy 2011 E0, E4, E5, E6, H2, H3
1261 Casey Warman Ethnic Enclaves And Immigrant Earnings Growth 2006 J15, J31
1260 Christopher Carpenter, Sabina Postolek, Casey Warman Public-place Smoking Laws And Exposure To Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ets) 2011 I1
1259 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Asymptotics For The Conditional-sum-of-squares Estimator In Multivariate Fractional Time Series Models 2011 C22, C32
1258 Edi Karni, Marie-Louise Vierø "reverse Bayesianism": A Choice-based Theory Of Growing Awareness 2010 D8, D810, D83
1257 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Confidence Sets Based On Inverting Anderson-rubin Tests 2011 C26, C36, C15