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1065 Dan Usher Should The Samuelson Rule Be Modified To Account For The Marginal Cost Of Public Funds? 2006
1064 Hiroyuki Kasahara, Beverly Lapham Import Protection As Export Destruction 2006
1063 Hiroyuki Kasahara, Katsumi Shimotsu Nested Pseudo-likelihood Estimation And Bootstrap-based Inference For Structural Discrete Markov Decision Models 2006
1062 Katsumi Shimotsu Gaussian Semiparametric Estimation Of Multivariate Fractionally Integrated Processes 2006
1060 Chun-Yan Kuo, Glenn Jenkins Evaluating The Relative Impact Of Fiscal Incentives And Trade Policies On The Returns To Manufacturing In Taiwan 1955-1995 2006
1059 Chun-Yan Kuo, Hatice Jenkins, Glenn Jenkins Is The Value Added Tax Naturally Progressive? 2006
1058 Glenn Jenkins, Mustafa Besim Informal But Not Insignificant: Unregistered Workers In North Cyprus 2006
1057 Hasret Benar, Glenn Jenkins The Economics Of Casino Taxation 2006
1056 Hasret Benar, Glenn Jenkins Regulation And Taxation Of Casinos Under State-monopoly, Private Monopoly And Casino Association Regimes 2006
1055 Christopher Ferrall, Julian Betts, Ross Finnie The Role Of University Characteristics In Determining Post-graduation Outcomes: Panel Evidence From Three Recent Canadian Cohorts 2006
1054 James G. MacKinnon, Jeff Racine Inference Via Kernel Smoothing Of Bootstrap P Values 2006
1053 Cyril Monnet, Ted Temzelides, Thorsten V. Koeppl A Dynamic Model Of Settlement 2006
1052 James MacGee, Thorsten V. Koeppl What Banks Do And Markets Don't: Cross-subsidization 2005
1051 Cyril Monnet, Thorsten V. Koeppl Guess What: It's The Settlements! 2005
1050 Thorsten V. Koeppl Optimal Dynamic Risk Sharing When Enforcement Is A Decision Variable 2005
1049 Thorsten V. Koeppl Differentiability Of The Efficient Frontier When Commitment To Risk Sharing Is Limited 2004
1048 Thorsten V. Koeppl Risk Sharing Through Financial Markets With Endogenous Enforcement Of Trades 2004
1047 Steven Lehrer Do Peers Affect Student Achievement In China's Secondary Schools? 2005
1046 Steven Lehrer Class Size And Student Achievement: Experimental Estimates Of Who Benefits And Who Loses From Reductions 2005
1045 Janet Audrain-McGovern, Steven Lehrer, J. Niles Rosenquist The Impact Of Poor Health On Education: New Evidence Using Genetic Markers 2006
1044 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Improving The Reliability Of Bootstrap Tests With The Fast Double Bootstrap 2006
1043 James Bergin, Dan Bernhardt Industry Dynamics With Stochastic Demand 2006
1042 James Bergin, Dan Bernhardt Cooperation Through Imitation 2006
1041 Huw Lloyd-Ellis, Xiaodong Zhu Using Financial Market Information To Enhance Canadian Fiscal Policy 2004
1040 Patrick Fracois, Huw Lloyd-Ellis I - Q Cycles 2005
1039 Patrick Fracois, Huw Lloyd-Ellis Schumpeterian Restructuring 2005
1038 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Artificial Regressions 2001
1037 James G. MacKinnon Computing Numerical Distribution Functions In Econometrics 2001
1036 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Bootstrap Tests: How Many Bootstraps? 2001
1035 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson The Power Of Bootstrap And Asymptotic Tests 2004
1034 Ruqu Wang, Yongmin Chen Market Design With Correlated Valuations 2005
1033 Geoffrey Dunbar, Juan Tu, Xiaoting Wang, Ruqu Wang Rationalizing Irrational Beliefs 2006
1032 Barton L. Lipman, Ruqu Wang Switching Costs In Infinitely Repeated Games 2006
1031 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson The Case Against Jive 2004
1030 Ian Keay, Kris Inwood Assessing Economic Performance Among North American Manufacturing Establishments, 1870/71: Data, Methodology And Measurement Issues 2006
1029 Morten Ø. Nielsen, Katsumi Shimotsu Determining The Cointegrating Rank In Nonstationary Fractional Systems By The Exact Local Whittle Approach 2006
1028 James G. MacKinnon Bootstrap Methods In Econometrics 2006
1027 James G. MacKinnon, Jeff Racine Simulation-based Tests That Can Use Any Number Of Simulations 2004
1026 James M. Nason, Gregor W. Smith Identifying The New Keynesian Phillips Curve 2005
1025 Gregor W. Smith Transfer Problem Dynamics: Macroeconomics Of The Franco-prussian War Indemnity 2005
1024 James G. MacKinnon, Russell Davidson Bootstrap Inference In A Linear Equation Estimated By Instrumental Variables 2006
1023 James G. MacKinnon Applications Of The Fast Double Bootstrap 2006
1022 John Hartwick Binomial R&d Races And Growth 2004
1021 Michael J. Bennett Ownership Structure And Asset Sales: An Empirical Analysis 2004
1020 Dan Usher Comments On "the Optimal Supply Of Public Goods And The Distortionary Cost Of Taxation" 2004
1019 Jeremy Lise, Shannon N. Seitz Consumption Inequality And Intra-household Allocations 2004
1018 Dan Usher The Distributive Implications Of Patents On Indivisible Goods 2004
1017 Robin Boadway, Michael Keen Financing New Investments Under Asymmetric Information: A General Approach 2004
1016 Robin Boadway The Theory And Practice Of Equalization 2003
1015 Robin Boadway, Masayoshi Hayashi An Evaluation Of The Stabilization Properties Of Equalization In Canada 2003