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1256 Adam Klug, Gregor W. Smith Suez And Sterling, 1956 1999 F31, N24
1255 Gregor W. Smith, R. Todd Smith Greenback-gold Returns And Expectations Of Resumption, 1862-1879 1996 N21
1254 Allan Gregory, Gregor W. Smith Business Cycle Theory And Econometrics 1995 C18, E32
1253 Gregor W. Smith, Stanley E. Zin Real Business Cycle Realizations 1997 E32, E27
1252 David K. Backus, Gregor W. Smith Consumption And Real Exchange Rates In Dynamic Economies With Non-traded Goods 1993 F41
1251 Gregor W. Smith Reading A Target Zone In Keynes 1994 F31, N13, N15
1250 Allen Head, Gregor W. Smith The Ccapm Meets Euro-interest Rate Persistence, 1960-2000 2002 F30, G12
1249 Allan Gregory, Jean-Francois Lamarche, Gregor W. Smith Information-theoretic Estimation Of Preference Parameters: Macroeconomic Applications And Simulation Evidence 2001 C13, C14, E21
1248 Gregor W. Smith Exchange-rate Discounting 1995 F32, G12
1247 Marc-Andre Letendre, Gregor W. Smith Precautionary Saving And Portfolio Allocation: Dp By Gmm 2000 D91, G11, C63
1246 Allen Head, Gregor W. Smith, Gregor W. Smith Real Exchange Rates, Preferences, And Incomplete Markets: Evidence, 1961-2001 2004 F41
1245 Dan Usher Bargaining And Voting 2010 C70
1244 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, S Johansen A Necessary Moment Condition For The Fractional Functional Central Limit Theorem 2010 C22
1243 Anita Anand, Frank Milne, Lynnette Purda Monitoring To Reduce Agency Costs: Examining The Behavior Of Independent And Non-independent Boards 2010 D, G, K, L
1242 David Byrne Acquisitions As A Response To Deregulation: Evidence From The Cable Television Industry 2010 L12, L22, L96, G34
1241 Cyril Monnet, Thorsten V. Koeppl The Emergence And Future Of Central Counterparties 2010 G20, G28, D82, H21
1240 James G. MacKinnon, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Numerical Distribution Functions Of Fractional Unit Root And Cointegration Tests 2010 C12, C16, C22, C32
1239 Dan Usher Three Papers On Bargaining 2010 C70
1238 Dan Usher An Alternative Explanation Of The Chance Of Casting A Pivotal Vote 2011 D72
1237 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, S Johansen Likelihood Inference For A Fractionally Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Model 2010 C32
1236 Susumu Imai, Peter Fallesen, Lars Pico Geerdsen, Torben Tranaes The Effect Of Workfare Policy On Crime 2010 J68, K42, H53
1235 Ruqu Wang, Jun Zhang Common Value Auctions With Return Policies 2010 D44, D72, D82
1234 John Hartwick, Ngo Van Long Endogenizing Growth Via A Lag For Apprenticing 2010 J000
1233 Marco Cozzi Accounting For The Racial Property Crime Gap In The Us: A Quantitative Equilibrium Analysis 2010 K42, D58, D52, D99, J15
1232 Ann Carlos, Frank D. Lewis Property Rights, Standards Of Living, And Economic Growth: Western Canadian Cree 2010 N51, N31, I31