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1357 Mario J. Crucini, Gregor W. Smith Distance And Time Effects In Swedish Commodity Prices, 1732-1914 2016 N70, F61
1356 Dan Usher A Utilitarian Measure Of Economic Growth 2016 E31, E32, O40
1355 James G. MacKinnon, Matthew D. Webb Randomization Inference For Difference-in-differences With Few Treated Clusters 2019 C12, C21
1354 Jonathan Lee Purchase, Pirate, Publicize: Private-network Music Sharing And Market Album Sales 2018 L82, L86, O34
1353 Mei Li, Frank Milne, Junfeng Qiu The Signaling Effect And Optimal Lolr Policy 2016 E58, G28
1352 Michal Ksawery Popiel Interest Rate Pass-through: A Nonlinear Vector Error-correction Approach 2016 C32, E43, E52, G21
1351 Jen Baggs, Beverly Lapham, Loretta Fung Exchange Rates, Cross-border Travel, And Retailers: Theory And Empirics 2015 F10, F14, L81
1350 Christopher Cotton, Joseph P. Price Affirmative Action And Human Capital Investment: Theory And Evidence From A Randomized Field Experiment 2016 J15, J24, C93, D82, D44
1349 Eugene Beaulieu, Jen Baggs, Beverly Lapham, Loretta Fung Firm Dynamics In Retail Trade: The Response Of Canadian Retailers To Exchange Rate Shocks 2015 F10, F14, L81
1348 Arnaud Dellis, Christopher Cotton Informational Lobbying And Agenda Distortion 2015 D72, D78, D83
1347 Christopher Cotton, Haresh Gurnani, Raphael Boleslavsky Demonstrations And Price Competition In New Product Release 2015 L13, L15, D83
1346 Margaux MacDonald International Capital Market Frictions And Spillovers From Quantitative Easing 2016 G15, F42, F3
1345 Margaux MacDonald Patterns Of International Capital Flows And Productivity Growth: New Evidence 2015 F21, F41, F43
1344 Christopher Cotton Competing For Attention 2015 D44, D78, D82
1343 Christopher Cotton, Raphael Boleslavsky Limited Capacity In Project Selection: Competition Through Evidence Production 2015 D72, D78, D83, L15
1342 Cheng Li, Christopher Cotton, Frank McIntyre, Joseph P. Price Which Explanations For Gender Differences In Competition Are Consistent With A Simple Theoretical Model? 2015 D74, J16, J24, J78
1341 Cheng Li, Christopher Cotton Clueless Politicians 2016 C72, D72
1339 John Hartwick Laffer Curves And Public Goods 2015 H22, H24, H41
1338 Giulio Fella, Marco Cozzi Job Displacement Risk And Severance Pay 2015 E24, D52, D58, J65
1337 Sepideh Dolatabadi, Ke Xu, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, Paresh Kumar Narayan Economic Significance Of Commodity Return Forecasts From The Fractionally Cointegrated Var Model 2017 C32, G11
1336 David Byrne, Masayuki Hirukawa, Susumu Imai, Vasilis Sarafidis Instrument-free Identification And Estimation Of Differentiated Products Models 2015 C13, C14, L13, L41
1335 Jonathan Chiu, Thorsten V. Koeppl Livin' On The Edge With Ratings: Liquidity, Efficiency And Stability 2014 G01, G14, G18
1334 Dan Usher How High Might The Revenue-maximizing Tax Rate Be? 2014 H21, H23
1333 Marco Cozzi Heterogeneity In Macroeconomics And The Minimal Econometric Interpretation For Model Comparison 2014 C63, C68, E21, E32, D52, D58
1332 Michal Ksawery Popiel Addiction And Network Influence 2014 C70, D01, I18