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1383 Antoine A. Djogbenou, James G. MacKinnon, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Validity Of Wild Bootstrap Inference With Clustered Errors 2017 C15, C21, C23
1382 Robert McKeown Costs, Size And Returns To Scale Among Canadian And U.s. Commercial Banks 2017 G210, L89
1381 Robert McKeown How Vulnerable Is The Canadian Banking System To Fire-sales? 2017 G210, G180
1380 Robert McKeown Where Are The Economies Of Scale In Canadian Banking? 2017 G210, L89
1379 Robert McKeown An Overview Of The Canadian Banking System: 1996 To 2015 2017 G210
1377 Bruce Carlin, Christopher Cotton, Raphael Boleslavsky Competing For Capital: Auditing And Credibility In Financial Reporting 2017 G14, G31, D83
1376 Javier Hualde, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen Truncated Sum Of Squares Estimation Of Fractional Time Series Models With Deterministic Trends 2019 C22
1375 Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff Optimal Unemployment Insurance And Redistribution 2016 H21, H3, J6
1374 Marina Agranov, Christopher Cotton, Chloe Tergiman Persistence Of Power: Repeated Multilateral Bargaining 2016 C78, C92, D02, C73, D72
1373 Maggie Jones Student Aid And The Distribution Of Educational Attainment 2017 I22, I24, I28, J15
1372 Robin Boadway, Jean-Francois Tremblay, Motohiro Sato Cash-flow Business Taxation Revisited: Bankruptcy, Risk Aversion And Asymmetric Information 2016 H21, H25
1371 Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff, Kourtney Koebel Designing A Basic Income Guarantee For Canada 2016 H2, H7, I3
1370 Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, Erin Tolley, Jeffrey Penney Race And Gender Affinities In Voting: Experimental Evidence 2016 D72, C90, J15, J16
1369 Sergei S. Shibaev Recession Propagation In Small Regional Economies: Spatial Spillovers And Endogenous Clustering 2016 C11, C31, C34, E32, R10
1368 Adugna Olani, Samuel Gamtessa How Does Energy-cost Lead To Energy Efficiency? Panel Evidence From Canada 2016 Q41, Q43, Q48, C33
1367 Margaux MacDonald, Michal Ksawery Popiel Unconventional Monetary Policy In A Small Open Economy 2016 E52, E58, F42
1366 Christopher Cotton, Frank McIntyre, Joseph P. Price Correcting For Bias In Hot Hand Analysis: Analyzing Performance Streaks In Youth Golf 2016 C1, H3
1365 James G. MacKinnon Inference With Large Clustered Datasets 2016 C12, C15, C18, C21
1364 James G. MacKinnon, Matthew D. Webb The Wild Bootstrap For Few (treated) Clusters 2017 C15, C21, C23
1363 Morten Ørregaard Nielsen, S Johansen The Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Model With General Deterministic Terms 2016 C32
1362 Jan Zabojnik Firm Reputation And Employee Startups 2016 L14, L26, O31, O34, M13
1361 Frank Milne Complacency Is Really Dangerous: Three Great Economic Crises 2016 G18, G28, E66
1360 Frank Milne Unintended Consequences- Advice For Politicians And Policy Analysts 2016 E60, E65
1359 Allen Head, Amy Hongfei Sun, Chenggang Zhou Default, Mortgage Standards And Housing Liquidity 2016 E30, G21, R10, R31
1358 Adugna Olani Dynamic Capital Inflow Transmission Of Monetary Policy To Emerging Markets 2016 E52, F32, E43, E58, F37